Which Brand/OEM Sold Most Cars In India In FY22?

Mukul Yudhveer Singh
15 Apr 2022
11:00 AM
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The passenger vehicle (PV) segment continues to witness high demand and a long waiting period due to the shortage of semiconductors.

FY22 sales

India recorded sales of 16,375,799 vehicles during FY 2022, with the passenger vehicles (PV) contributing 2,726,047 units. The good news is that this segment, in FY 2022, saw a growth of 14% YoY compared to the figures recorded in FY 2021 (2,387,925). Total vehicle sales(2W+3W+4W+CW) in FY 2022, however, only increased by 7% when compared to FY 2021.

Vinkesh Gulati, President, Federation of Automobile Dealers Association, explained, 'The Government's vaccination drive saved India from the 3rd wave which saw negligible impact in terms of either lives or auto retails on an overall basis. Overall full recovery is yet to be seen as auto retails are down by 25% when compared to FY20 which was largely a pre-COVID year and a year of BS-IV to BS-VI comparison.'

Maruti Suzuki down, Tata Motors up

Though Maruti Suzuki, India's most selling car brand, maintained its leadership position, its market share YoY fell by over 5.5%. The OEM was able to sell 1,163,042 units of cars in FY21. However, it sold 165,483 units of cars in FY22. The carmaker's market share in India, in the PV segment, was 48.71% in FY21, and in FY22, it fell to 42.75%.

Hyundai was also able to hold on to its second most selling car brand tag in India. The OEM captured a 16.24% market share by selling 442,677 units of PVs in India during FY22. It also saw a marginal decline of over 1% in its market share compared to FY21 figures. Hyundai had a 17.36% market share in India in FY21 as it had sold 414,552 cars during the year.

Homegrown Tata Motors seems to have ended FY22 on a high note as it increased its market share from 7.87% in FY21 to 11.45% in FY22. In absolute numbers, the carmaker sold 312,088 PV units in FY22, against 187,974 units in the same period the previous year. 

Mahindra & Mahindra, known as India's SUV brand, was able to register marginal YoY growth as well. The OEM, with 127,737 PV sales in FY21, had a 5.35% market share. Whereas in FY22, it captured 6.86% of the market by selling 187,043 PVs.

Kia Motors was also able to maintain its fifth spot on India's top-10 selling car brands list. Data by FADA points out that the carmaker sold 155,699 units of PVs in India, capturing a 5.71% market share during FY22. The vehicle maker sold 131,429 units in FY21 in India and captured a market share of 5.5%. 

On the other hand, Toyota captured 4.05% of India's car market with 110,485 PV sales. The company sold 77,408 units, garnering 3.24% of India's car market in FY21.

Renault India was able to sell 84,012 cars in FY22. These sales figures enabled the French carmaker to capture 3.08% of India's car market. The OEM had sold 75,333 units during FY21, with a market share of 3.15%. On the other hand, Honda Cars India sold 78,011 car units capturing a 2.86% share of the Indian market. Honda had sold 71,486 cars in FY21.

Skoda Auto, which comprises Skoda, Volkswagen and Audi brands, sold 50,895 cars in India in FY22, against 26,066 cars in the previous year. Skoda's market share in India was 1.09% in FY21, and in the following year, it rose to 1.87%. 

MG Motor India, number 10 on the list, was able to capture 1.30% of the car market share in the country. It sold 35,378 cars in FY22 compared to 26,831 units in the year-ago period. 

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