Tata AutoComp Joins Punch Powertrain, Expands Markets Globally

T Murrali
24 Sep 2022
04:47 AM
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Both companies have signed an MoU to form a 50/50 joint venture to bring sustainable innovations in mobility solutions to the Indian market at an affordable cost.

Tata AutoComp Joins PunchPowertrain

Celebrating its 50-year milestone, Punch Powertrain announced its ambitious transformation trajectory with a slew of initiatives. As part of this, the transmission maker has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form a 50/50 joint venture with Tata AutoComp Systems, with an objective to bring sustainable innovations in mobility solutions to the Indian market at an affordable cost.

This is the tenth joint venture of Tata AutoComp Systems and the first one with an objective to design, manufacture, market, and sell the compact dual-clutch transmission (DT1) in India and to global markets. 

DTI transmissions are fundamentally different from the traditional DCTs as it uses 15% fewer components and results in over 7% weight reduction, offering a transmission in the price range of an automated manual transmission (AMT) but with the performance of a DCT. In addition, its wet clutch and inherent design are suited for application in compact vehicles and challenging driving conditions like extreme ambient temperatures, hill and stop-and-go traffic, typical of vehicle operating conditions in India. 

Typical DT1 transmission allows for shifting seamlessly between seven forward ratios, using only four gear pairs and one side shaft that is similar to MT. The unique arrangement results in a lighter, more compact product, paired with a considerable cost reduction.

According to Punch Powertrain, it’s DT1 Dual Clutch Transmission is suitable for vehicles with engine torque up to 225 Nm and engine power of up to 110 kW. The large first gear ratio (1:18) is optimised for this application, resulting in smooth accelerations in any circumstance and strong capabilities on inclines. The overall wide ratio coverage of up to eight, enables the transmission to operate with an improved fuel consumption. 

DT1 represents an advantageous alternative for 4-speed automatic transmissions and 5(A)MTs. These kinds of technologies make tremendous sense in India, as automatics began the transmission of choice for many customers across the passenger car segment. The synergies between the two companies will enable Tata AutoComp to leverage its expertise to fully localise production and offer affordable powertrain solutions to Indian OEMs. Therefore, Tata AutoComp joining Punch Powertrain is seen as a significant initiative to cater to India's growing 'automatics' market. 

No doubt, Punch Powertrain will benefit from the JV in terms of localisation, frugal engineering and robust manufacturing capabilities of Tata AutoComp, making it globally competitive.  

Punch Powertrain’s hybrid transmission

Other Products 

In addition to DT1, the JV will also carry out a wide range of activities to supply Punch Powertrain’s conventional-hybrid DCTs, continuously variable transmission (CVT) and EV reducers to customers in India.

Tata AutoComp's JVs

The other JVs of Tata AutoComp Systems are with leading companies from the global auto component industry, through which it manufactures and markets automotive components and systems. Some of them include engine cooling solutions, automotive batteries, rearview mirrors, command systems, HVAC, exhaust and emission control systems, seating systems, battery packs, battery cooling systems, battery management systems, motors, controllers, integrated drivetrains (integrated motors, inverters and reducers), EV chargers and electronic solutions for passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as suspension systems for heavy commercial vehicles.

Jorge Solis, Chief Executive Officer, Punch Powertrain, said both companies share a strong technology focus and a commitment to supply innovative technologies at an affordable cost. 'This new venture will spearhead our activities in India, enabling us to support existing and potential new customers locally, and broadening our access to this new market.”

Arvind Goel, MD & CEO Tata AutoComp, “Tata AutoComp has always been a pioneer in introducing cutting edge technology to its customers. This new joint venture will help bring the latest powertrain technologies, manufactured locally, to our customers. We are proud of this association with Punch Powertrain, which is committed to serving the Indian market with its wide portfolio of powertrain technologies,” 

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