VehicleCare Aims To Be A Personalised Car-Care Partner

T Murrali
06 Oct 2021
01:00 PM
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The fast-growing start-up that is reinventing the automotive service and damage repair space, both in the consumer and business markets, VehicleCare plans to expand its network by opening its outlets in over 100 locations by the end of this fiscal.


VehicleCare, a tech-driven multi-brand car service platform offering a one-stop solution to all car owners, currently has over 400 garages in about 50 locations. Currently, it is catering to about 2,000 four-wheelers and 800 two-wheelers per month. The start-up has recently opened its outlets in Bangalore and Lucknow and is set to tap Tier-III cities.

Speaking to Mobility Outlook, Arvind Verma, Co-founder, VehicleCare, said one of the things that the company believes in and has incorporated in its way of doing business is to provide a convenient and premium experience for its customers. 

“We strive to make our network better equipped and crewed with individuals with years of expertise in the field, which we believe would also help us put our very best foot forward in any future endeavour that we might decide to venture in,” he said. 

Verma said the company plans and personalises every step of the service experience to be convenient and simple. “Our team of expert mechanics is there to guide the customers at every step of the repair process, and our customer representatives are present at every workshop to assist in every way possible,” he said. 

Combining free doorstep pick up and drop services with upfront and competitive pricing, genuine spare parts, and customer service has added to VehicleCare’s increasing popularity, he averred. 

Benefits For End-Users

The company aims to eliminate inconveniences for the customers, and towards this, it hopes to deliver services that place convenience in the hands of the end-user, while assuring them expertise from its end. “Our services like free pick and drop, free towing, same-day delivery, low labour charges, and a promise for high-quality genuine spares help the customers get the required services at ease,” he said.

Arvind Verma

Asked about the key attributes that draw the workshops to join the VehicleCare platform, he said the company’s tech-enabled business model offers a greater scope of business for the workshops to grow in. In addition, workshops associated with the company will not only be able to broaden their scope of business but, with a streamlined operations mechanism, will be enabled to have better customer retention and higher satisfaction that would pay dividends in the long run. 

On authenticating the repair process ensuring fool-proof operations and used by the vehicle owners, fleet owners, insurance brokers and others, he said that every workshop under the company’s network is equipped and vetted before being assigned for an operation. It ensures that the level of competence and equipment match the standard of repair in consideration. And with all India tie-ups with numerous brands and spares supply networks, the company authenticates the repair process for vehicle owners, fleet owners and insurance brokers with a full-fledged audit report, he mentioned. 

Ensuring Transparency 

The company has laid greater focus on ensuring transparency to customers in terms of services offered, parts replaced, and labour charges. “It is how we plan to build trust among our customers and retain them. The services offered at VehicleCare garages can be tracked through our mobile application and be in the know of with our 24X7 customer support team. The prices quoted at our workshops and the spares used are exemplars of industry standards.” 

Vehicle Care guarantees its customers the use of only genuine parts and provides a six-month warranty on them. The use of fake spares is rampant in the market but it is also one of the things that so distinctly distinguishes VehicleCare from such other companies, Verma claimed. “We believe in delivering services that are quality-oriented, which is why we maintain tie-ups with spare suppliers all over India and make sure every component sourced is of genuine grade,” he said. 

However, spare parts are not available for some vehicle makes due to the policies of a few vehicle makers. In this case, it is difficult for any service centre to offer hassle-free services to customers. Verma believes that it is the company’s responsibility to ensure that there are no hick-ups at any point in the process of car repair. “We source our spare parts directly from OEMs and maintain a stock of rare supplies in case of such an emergency,” he added.

How well has VehicleCare been accepted by the manufacturers, we asked. “The experience has been amazing. When we talk about our experience with our partners, we have received tremendous responses. We received our mandate from Uber, Cars24, ACKO, Policy Bazar, OLX Autos, Reliance General Insurance, Liberty General Insurance and others. As a result, we are generating good revenue, and an overall makeover has been done for the car servicing,” Verma concluded.

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