Beechcraft Denali Completes Maiden Flight

Mobility Outlook Bureau
25 Nov 2021
12:39 PM
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The Denali was powered by GE Aviation’s new Catalyst engine, and the first flight lasted two hours and 50 minutes.

Beechcraft Denali

Beechcraft’s new single-engine turboprop ‘Denali’ has completed its maiden flight, marking a significant milestone for the clean-sheet design aircraft. Textron Aviation owns Beechcraft, and the US airframer is targeting certification for the Denali in 2023. 

Ron Draper, President and CEO, Textron Aviation, said, “With its more environmentally friendly engine and largest cabin in its class, this is an aircraft that will change the landscape for high-performance single-engine turboprop aircraft.” 

GE Aviation’s new Catalyst engine powered the Denali, and the first flight lasted two hours and 50 minutes, during which the aircraft reached an altitude of 15,600 feet and attained speeds of 180 knots. In addition to the Denali prototype aircraft, Beechcraft will build two additional flight test articles and three full airframe ground test articles. 

The Denali is the first aircraft powered with GE’s Catalyst engine, which burns up to 20% less fuel than older turboprop engines. The single-engine Denali with one pilot and four passengers will have a design range of 1,600 nautical miles at a high-speed cruise.  

The Denali’s offers a standard seating configuration of six individual reclining seats, with a high-density option for nine. 

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