FedEx Express Trials EVs In India For Last-mile Delivery

Mobility Outlook Bureau
21 Jan 2022
04:36 PM
1 Min Read

The electric vehicle trial, which is expected to conclude in a month in Bengaluru, will test the vehicle technology within FedEx Express operations to assess vehicles’ operational effectiveness.

FedEx Express

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp and the world’s largest express transportation company, on Friday announced the start of electric vehicle (EV) trials in India.

According to a press release from the company, this initiative is part of its global goal to achieve carbon-neutral operations by 2040.

The trial of the electric vehicle, which is expected to conclude in a month in Bengaluru, will test the vehicle technology within FedEx Express operations, assessing the vehicles’ operational effectiveness on a standard route fully loaded with packages. Following positive trial results, FedEx Express will extend the trial to Delhi. 

With last-mile delivery burgeoning thanks to rapid e-commerce growth, each new electric vehicle added to the FedEx delivery fleet in India can reduce fuel consumption and emissions equivalent to five passenger cars, the release said.  

The shift to electric vehicles also aligns with its commitment to enhancing its services and solutions in India, offering customers connectivity and access to global markets while helping safeguard the planet's health.

Vehicle electrification is one of the critical areas in FedEx’s journey toward reaching its carbon-neutral operations goal. By 2040, it is intended that the entire FedEx global parcel pickup and delivery (PUD) fleet will be zero-emission electric vehicles. This vehicle electrification goal is being approached through phased programs to replace existing vehicles. The aim is for 50% of FedEx Express global PUD vehicle purchases to be electric vehicles by 2025, rising to 100% by 2030. 

Mohamad Sayegh, Vice President, India Operations, FedEx Express, said,“With the growth of e-commerce in India, we’re constantly looking for ways to support this momentum while reducing environmental impact. The commencement of EV trials brings us one step closer to this vision. The trial is a critical part of the integration of electric vehicle technology across our operations. Finding the right technology to serve our business, our customers, and our team members will play a key role in the successful integration of electric vehicles into the FedEx Express fleet.”   

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