Harman International Introduces Ready Care Driver Safety Technology

Mobility Outlook Bureau
16 Sep 2022
09:43 AM
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Ready Care delivers improved levels of safety and wellbeing through the integration of several key technologies.

Harman International Ready Care

Harman International has announced the launch of Ready Care, which is designed and built to deliver consumer-focused experiences at an automotive grade.

According to a press release from Harman International, Ready Care is a set of solutions, cognitive distraction, stress-free routing, and personalised comfort that can work together or independently to improve safety and reduce driver stress.

The company noted that Ready Care delivers heightened levels of safety and wellbeing through the integration of several key technologies.

In addition to employing cameras that can detect driver drowsiness, Ready Care measures real-time driver cognitive load to identify when potential distractions arise, and then offers tailored intervention strategies to maximise safety.

The experience is powered by newly developed machine learning algorithms, which gather and process data from in-vehicle cameras and sensors to monitor a driver’s state.

Ready Care can then generate customised in-vehicle cabin prompts to trigger a range of behavioral responses – increasing awareness, alleviating stress, or stimulating and relief.

Armin Prommersberger, Senior Vice President, Automotive Product Management at Harman International, noted that Ready Care is essentially a co-pilot that can spot when distractions could turn into dangerous situations and intervening to avoid them.

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