IIT Guwahati Develops Technology To Rate EV Batteries, Motors

Mobility Outlook Bureau
04 Apr 2022
01:15 PM
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The Institute claims that this technology will help EV OEMs differentiate between the varying driving and climatic conditions in India. The same will allow EV OEMs to develop better suited EVs for the country.

 Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati,

Amid one after another electric scooter catching fire in India, the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, has developed a technology that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) can use to find out the best-suited drivetrain components for Indian conditions. This technology rates motors and batteries used in electric vehicles.

The institute noted that none of the electric vehicles currently available in India matches the country’s varying climatic conditions. Moreover, the drive cycles do not differentiate between the driving conditions on urban and rural roads. However, as per the IIT, this research and technology will help OEMs understand and differentiate between the varying road and climatic conditions and hence help them manufacture better products.

Commending the researchers for their work, Professor T G Sitharam, Director, IIT Guwahati, said, “The development in the field of next-generation energy-efficient EV technology is one of the most important breakthroughs required for the sustainable development of the country and to reduce carbon footprint. IIT Guwahati is earnestly working in this direction. This development will augment this process and maximize the outcomes.”

The institute further points out that this research will answer many questions about the drive cycle data of Indian Vehicles. The study hopes to create better and more efficient drivetrains based on different regions. It is also beneficial for start-ups. It aims to reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption. 

Professor Praveen Kumar said, “Our goal is to prepare a document that can enable the new entrants into the EV market and help in levelling the playing field. The other primary benefit of this entire exercise is to prepare the next generation of technocrats that are ready for an excellent career in EV technology anywhere in the world.”

Drive-cycles developed by the IIT Guwahati team, as it claims, are unique and not available anywhere else. The tech will also help reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

NB: Photo is representational.

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