Infosys Opens Digital Tech Centre In Stuttgart To Support German Automotive Sector

Mobility Outlook Bureau

Mobility Outlook Bureau

21 Jul 2021
07:51 AM
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The centre will encourage sustainable growth within the German automotive sector and provide its customers with tools to meet the country's growing demand for electric vehicles.

Infosys Daimler

Building on its strategic commitment to driving innovation and IT infrastructure transformation, Infosys has launched its Automotive Digital Technology and Innovation Center in Stuttgart, Germany. 

Dr Ing Jörg Sommer, formerly Director of Digital Foundation at Daimler, has been designated as the Digital Technology and Innovation Centre's CEO in Stuttgart, a separate legal entity and officially called Infosys Automotive and Mobility GmbH & Co. KG.

According to the company, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, the centre will confluence automotive and IT experts from across Germany into a space for shared knowledge, skills and innovation. 

As a part of its partnership with Daimler, automotive IT infrastructure experts based in Germany will transition from Daimler AG to the new Digital Technology and Innovation Centre. It will encourage sustainable growth within the German automotive sector and provide its customers with tools to meet the country's growing demand for electric vehicles.

The company said it aims to create a gold standard for Germany's automotive and manufacturing companies to speed up and standardise technology adoption. Towards this, it will provide training and innovation labs and focus on industry transformation, including the infrastructure required to design future and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation and electrification. 

Through the new centre, Infosys will support leading German automotive company, Daimler AG, strengthen its IT & data centre infrastructure, and drive a competitive edge in line with its ambitions to standardise, consolidate, scale and transform to Net Zero with seamless customer experience.

Salil Parekh, Chief Executive Officer, Infosys, said the centre will provide a wide range of benefits for both Infosys and the German automotive sector. It will support Daimler in its hybrid multi-cloud and AI-driven digital transformation journey to scalability. It will also provide a cloud architecture blueprint for other German manufacturers to emulate as they move through a period of resilient IT transformation. 

Jan Brecht, Chief Information Officer, Daimler and Mercedes-Benz, said his company will take three simultaneous steps to transform its IT landscape: consolidation, scaling and modernisation. The centre will also set new standards for cloud and infrastructure services in the automotive industry. 

Sommer said that automotive brands need to scale and deliver innovation to market at speed to deliver new and emerging mobility trends. Through cutting-edge technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, automation, and electrification, the Innovation Center will be a catalyst for accelerating the development and availability of pioneering technology in the market and simplifying and standardising hybrid cloud stacks across the industry, he added. 

NB: Photo is representational. Courtesy: Daimler.

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