Mech-Mind Launches NewGen 3D Camera To Enable Smarter Robotics

Mobility Outlook Bureau

Mobility Outlook Bureau

8 Jun 2021
10:45 AM
1 Min Read

Equipped with structured light, this industrial 3D camera will support pick-and-place robotics deployed in several applications in automotive, steel, logistics etc


Mech-Mind Robotics has introduced its new-generation Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced Industrial 3D Camera, presenting high-quality 3D imaging of a broad range of objects, including tiny, shiny, reflective, and coloured objects. 

Equipped with structured light, this industrial 3D camera will support pick-and-place robotics deployed in several applications, including palletising and depalletising, bin picking, order sorting, machine tending and assembly/glueing/locating in logistics and manufacturing.

In the conventional camera, the densely packed, randomly placed, and highly detailed objects, limitation in terms of resolution, precision, and speed restricts their performance and potential.

Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced 3D industrial camera from the fast-growing Chinese AI startup, Mech-Mind, can generate complete, detailed, and accurate point cloud with native and perfectly aligned colour for a wide variety of objects, including plastic, ceramic, metal, cardboard, and wood.

The new camera also possesses several other features, including extra field-of-view with 3D imaging time shortened to 0.5 seconds possible. This enables Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced to meet a wide variety of typical applications, including bin picking, inspecting, measuring, and academic research. Besides, it supports compact aluminium housing with flexible mounting options, minimising the impact on manoeuvrability and enables robot cells to maintain reliable operation in demanding applications. In addition, the system, compatible with IP65, vibration resistant, EMC/EMI proved, obtaining CE, FCC, VCCI, and RoHS certifications, helps improve cost efficiency,

The company has developed an entire infrastructure and industrial 3D cameras portfolio, including Mecy-Eye Laser, Nano and Deep to support special applications. 

Tianlan Shao, Founder & CEO of Mech-Mind, said the products are designed to fundamentally reframe the manufacturing pain points by utilising AI and human-robotics interaction. It will focus on leveraging technical strength to pioneer the next frontier of manufacturing.  

Mech-Mind's intelligent industrial robot solutions are used to manufacture automotive, appliances, steel and also in logistics warehouses, banks, and hospitals in countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and the US.

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