At Rolls-Royce India, Our Capacity Curve Has Grown Into A Capability Curve: Kishore Jayaraman

Rolls-Royce India’s Digital Centre in Bangalore does a lot of analysis on all the data globally on services, and is able to deliver cost savings to the company. The data analytics work that is being done in Bengaluru is about creating the algorithms, it’s about sifting the data and really doing more and more intelligent high-end work, where the algorithms themselves have to be created. There are also deep learning techniques, machine learning techniques, and the company is trying to put Artificial Intelligence (AI) on top of it. What started off as a capacity curve for us has now grown tremendously in a capability curve, said Kishore Jayaraman, President, Rolls-Royce India & South Asia. Jayaraman recently spoke to Mobility Outlook on a variety of subjects, and offered his perspectives on how Rolls-Royce India is approaching the Indian market across all three businesses it is present in – civil aerospace, defence and power systems.