India Has An Opportunity To Tap $500 Bn Semiconductor Manufacturing Supply Chain - IESA

Mobility Outlook Bureau
18 Jun 2022
12:30 PM
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To sustain the current accelerated market demand for semiconductors and ultra-volatile markets, the growing number of semiconductor manufacturing facilities worldwide are constantly looking to diversify their supply chains.


IESA has released its latest report on India's $85 billion opportunity in the $500 billion semiconductor manufacturing supply chain consisting of materials (gases, chemicals, minerals, equipment and services).

The ongoing disruptions in the semiconductor industry and ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacturing) Supply Chain have reiterated the importance of diversified and reliable resources. It is worth noting here that automobile OEMs are also facing a shortage of semiconductors.

The IESA Semiconductor Manufacturing Supply chain report has highlighted that semiconductor manufacturing requires a broad spectrum of inputs like wafer materials, special chemicals and glasses, processing tools, final testing materials, and packaging resources. The companies supplying these resources and ingredients are spread across the world map. Needless to say, the dynamic geopolitical landscape creates complexity for the Semiconductor manufacturing and ESDM Supply Chain.

This new-age need opens tremendous opportunities for Indian industries to tap on and thrive. The Indian semiconductor industry can build materials, equipment and services capabilities, thereby making notable contributions to the global semiconductor manufacturing supply chain. By simply tapping into the wide world of semiconductors, the Indian industries can benefit from an economic, business and supply chain perspective.

The IESA Semiconductor Manufacturing CIG met at the Bengaluru Campus of Applied Materials to discuss several key topics and initiatives relevant to creating a sustained industry capability in India to service the requirements related to Semiconductor Manufacturing Materials (chemicals, gases, minerals), Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and Services. The CIG came up with concrete plans for working with the State and Central Governments and the industry in India. The idea is to create an ecosystem enabling the Indian Industry to contribute significantly to the Global Semiconductor Manufacturing Supply Chain.

Jitendra Chaddah, Country Manager, Global Supply Chain, Intel India and Chairperson of IESA CIG on Global Semiconductor Supply Chain, said, 'To help enable the Indian ecosystem to cater to the global demands and create value for India, a CIG has been formed with experts from the industry, government and academia who will lead the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain ecosystem development by augmenting policy support, skill development and forging global alliances. I call upon leaders from the ecosystem to join and participate in the CIG.'

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