Dr Sushil S Ramdasi


Dr Sushil S Ramdasi is in-charge of Power Train Design Department, ARAI and responsible for execution of various projects in design & development of engines, transmissions, live axles, E Axles from concept up to serial production for meeting various emission norms, strength, durability and structural dynamics requirements. Developed Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain architectures , supervisory controller for HEV operations / Indigenous development of AMT controller software and microcontroller hardware with power electronics from concept / Design & Development of E Axles for SCV & LCV Applications / Development of Hydrogen and SOFC based Fuel Cell Vehicle Powertrain architectures and controls / Well conversant with design and manufacturing of cells, stacks, membrane , GDL and bi polar plate assemblies of hydrogen PEM fuel cells, hands on experience in making hydrogen base PEM fuel cell buses for inter and intra city applications, Prototype development of engines, transmissions, axles, Electric Axles , Swirl and Transmission test rigs Microcontrollers , Power electronics for AMT and electric drive operations, Developed Induction / PMDC / PMSM motors plant mathematical models from concept along with FOC and DTC control algorithms for electric drives to work in parallel computing environment.