Innovative & Affordable Technologies To Make Indian Roads Safer

Mobility Outlook will organise a conference on: 'Making Mobility Safe, Secure,' with the theme: 'Leveraging Innovative & Affordable Technologies To Make Indian Roads Safer,' in Delhi on 31 October 2023.

Making Mobility Safe, Secure

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The recent announcement by the Government on implementing the Bharat New Car Assessment Programme (BNCAP) from October 1, 2023, under the watchful eye of the Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT), is a step in the right direction to contain road accidents. 

However, making mobility safe and secure is becoming a challenge every day as the vehicles' technologies are evolving significantly in performance while also adhering to safety norms. Though not matching the same speed of development in vehicles, the improving road infrastructure in India in terms of network and surface quality coupled with new-gen vehicles accelerates the average driving speeds of all kinds of vehicles substantially. This inevitable evolution brings to the fore the need for more effective safety systems to reduce fatalities.

India tops in road fatalities, with about 1.5 lakh people losing lives every year. To address this grave situation, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has called to reduce road fatalities by 50% by 2025 and bring the figure down to zero by 2030. This will be a herculean task; however, if the country wants to achieve this ambitious goal, the safety of all segments of vehicles, more so on two-wheelers, needs far greater attention from all stakeholders – the Government, manufacturers, suppliers, testing agencies, researchers and the society at large. More work needs to be done by the makers of two-wheelers, helmets and such things as the fatalities are more in this vehicle segment.  

This is the impetus for Mobility Outlook to organise the conference on: 'Making Mobility Safe, Secure,' with the theme: Leveraging Innovative & Affordable Technologies To Make Indian Roads Safer.


This conference will attempt to help build momentum towards safer Indian roads by bringing all relevant stakeholders to a single platform. Besides, it will deliberate and discuss ways forward and showcase and demonstrate products and technologies that would aid in bringing down road accidents and fatalities. 

Key Discussion Points:  

  • Economic loss of road fatalities for the country
  • Focus on Road safety
  • Major reasons for accidents and ways and means to contain them
  • Key global developments in the area of vehicle safety and security
  • Vehicle Safety & Security from an Indian context
  • Focus on Safety Technologies
  • Policy perspective
  • Challenges in after-sales service while managing safety & security systems

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