Making Mobility Safe, Secure

“Safer, Secure Mobility” is a webinar focussed on taking a deep dive into technologies and solutions that make vehicles of the future safer and more secure.


Making Mobility Safe, Secure is a virtual conference devoted to delving deep into the technology and solutions that will make future automobiles safer and more secure.

Nowadays, a secure architecture is a key factor in vehicle design. It is critical for makers of autonomous cars to guarantee that vehicle owners have confidence in the system's safe and secure operation under all situations. To prevent hackers from manipulating built-in safety mechanisms in automobiles, a strong security framework must be implemented.

This seminar was organised by Mobility Outlook to take a deep dive into safety-driven automobile security with a focus on future mobility.


Key Discussion Points

  • Major global developments in the area of vehicle safety and security.
  • Vehicle safety & security from an Indian context.
  • Focus on functional safety.
  • Focus on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).
  • Focus on cybersecurity.
  • Policy perspective.
  • The way forward for the Indian industry.

Target Audience

OEMs, suppliers, software and electronics developers



Inaugural Session - Making Mobility Safe, Secure 

Release of Study “Safety behaviour of Indian consumers, and their perception about vehicle security”

Technical Session

Panel Discussion on 'Safety-driven automotive security - Decoding the industry's approach'