AMO Electric Bikes Maps Down Its Expansion Plan As It Enters FY23

Srinjoy Bal
20 Apr 2022
01:15 PM
2 Min Read

The company plans to launch five new high-speed e2Ws while expanding its touchpoints and production capacity in FY23.

AMO Jaunty

Anticipating a higher demand for high-speed e2Ws, the new age e-mobility brand, AMO Electric, plans to introduce five new high-speed e2Ws within FY23.

Speaking to Mobility Outlook, Sushant Kumar, Founder & Managing Director, AMO Electric Bikes, said that the company expects 60% of the sales from high-speed e2Ws while the rest will be coming from the low-speed e2Ws in FY23.

In light of this, the business intends to debut two new high-speed scooters in the first quarter of the fiscal year, with the remaining three, comprising e-scooters and an e-bike, to follow in the second half.

Based on a new 72V platform, the imminent subsequent new launches are believed to have a better range than the existing high-speed e2W, the Jaunty Plus, and are currently under the testing stage.

Kumar revealed that the new e-scooter will be coming with an expected range of 150kms, up from 120kms that the current high-speed scooter from the company can manage.

This is achieved through a slight increase in the battery capacity while the main focus is on improving the efficiency of the BMS.

The founder added, “We are working on increasing motor efficiency so that we can minimise load losses. Of course, we are working on increasing capacity a little bit, but the main focus is on optimisation.”

While he stated that the products expected to launch in the second half of the fiscal year will be based on the 72V platform and are now in the design stage.

However, he also noted that the low-speed scooters still have relevance in the Indian market and will continue for the next two to three years. He said the most demand for e2Ws comes from the Tier-2&3 cities where these scooters are still popular.

Kumar said, “Our belief in the safety quotient of a lead-acid battery is keeping our hopes high, and we might add new low-speed models to the existing fleet in the near future.”

Expansion Strategy For FY23

Apart from expanding its product portfolio, the company also intends to expand its reach and production capacity. With an investment of $4 million, it plans to expand its production capacity to 140,000 units a year from the current 40,000 units within the next six months.

The MD stated that the plan is to expand the existing production facility in Noida in terms of area and add assembly lines. Additionally, the company plans to raise additional funds in FY23 to invest in production growth, marketing, infrastructure, and R&D.

Furthermore, it plans to expand its reach to pan India by the end of FY23. The plan is to build a network of 350 dealerships within the first half of the fiscal year while adding another 200 touchpoints by the end of FY23. At present, AMO has 150 dealerships across 17 states.

With this expansion, the company is also targeting to enter the rural areas, and it will also take certain measures to make the people get used to this new technology. 

Kumar noted that the company plans to indulge in canopy activities, test drives, door to door campaigns and van activities, among others, to create awareness among the rural people about the benefits of an EV.

Furthermore, before handing over the vehicle, it plans to arrange a few demo and training programmes for the customers to educate them about the do’s and dont’s of an EV, followed by a monthly service programme to keep the vehicle free from any trouble.

The company has mandated all dealerships to have a service centre alongside. Besides, it has also tied up with local garages to increase its servicing touchpoints in Tier-2& 3 cities and rural areas.

Goals To Achieve

Apart from expanding its reach in India, the company also plans to go global. Kumar stated that the company has an ample opportunity in extending its base in the South East Asian and South African markets, as the production capabilities of local companies there are quite restricted.

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