BGauss Aims To Boost Sales With RUV350 Launch

Abhijeet Singh
29 Jun 2024
08:30 AM
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Hemant Kabra reveals strong intentions to enter markets in Europe and Southeast Asia.

BGauss Aims To Boost Sales With RUV350 Launch mobility outlook

BGauss has entered into a new category in the E2W segment with the launch of the RUV 350. Hemant Kabra, Founder and Managing Director of BGauss, discussed that the new RUV 350 will support the passenger market with its innovative design and pave the way for global expansion.

The EV industry has made significant strides in the market over the past four years, with a remarkable 85% of these sales being from high-speed scooters. Kabra mentioned that BGauss no longer sells low-speed vehicles, having phased them out about a year and a half ago to concentrate on high-speed EVs.

'This year, we aim to sell close to 50,000 vehicles, and next year, we are targeting 100,000 units,' he states. This projection includes all product lines currently offered by BGauss.

The RUV350 is positioned as a feature-rich product within the EV market. Kabra believes it will create a new category in the electric two-wheeler segment. 'We anticipate that by 2030 or 2032, the scooter market will represent 60% of the EV sector, with the RUV category capturing about 25%,' he explains.

BGauss is firmly rooted in India, with its manufacturing plant located in Pune, Chakan. This facility sources 90% of its components within a 100 km radius, ensuring a high degree of localisation. Kabra emphasises that manufacturing is outsourced to specialised partners while the company designs its products.


Addressing the competitive landscape, Kabra notes the different strategic approach BGauss has taken compared to other players like Ola Electric and Ather. 'We are launching in a niche segment with a unique product that offers value for money. Our strategy is not just about competing on price but providing a product with distinctive features and robustness,' he asserts.

Export plans are a significant part of BGauss's growth strategy. 'The RUV350 is well-suited for international markets where such scooters are in demand,' he says, adding that BGauss is preparing to start exports soon.

The company has a wide dealership network in India, currently spanning close to 100 districts, primarily in the western and southern regions. It plans to expand this network to 200 dealerships by the end of the financial year, focusing on establishing a strong service infrastructure.

Kabra also touches on the continuous investment in R&D, with a dedicated centre in Pune. The company plans to introduce various product variants and upgrades until 2025, ensuring they stay ahead in technology and customer satisfaction.

The RUV350 is not just a product; it's part of a broader vision to change the dynamics of urban mobility. 'We are committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards of safety, performance, and sustainability,' Kabra concludes.

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