CEAT Tyres Rides Into Premium Segments

Abhijeet Singh
24 Jan 2024
03:05 PM
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It launches SportRad and CrossRad tyres, aimed at the replacement motorcycle tyre market.

CEAT Tyres Rides Into Premium Segments laxmi narayan mobility outlook

CEAT Tyres has introduced SportRad and CrossRad tyres to cater to the evolving preferences in the passenger vehicle and motorcycle segments. The introduction of these tyres must be read in the context of increasing demand for high-performance tyres. In a discussion with Mobility Outlook, Lakshmi Narayanan B, CMO of CEAT Tyres, Shares insights into the company's strategic move into the premium tyre market.

In the wake of changes in the motorcycle segment, there is a shift away from international tyre brands due to high import costs. This justifies CEAT Tyres's decision to enter the super sport and sport biking, he feels. The research and development (R&D) played a significant role in this shift to enhance the company's product offerings. CEAT Tyres, according to him, has collaborated with Royal Enfield Himalayan for its OEM-fit GRIPP tyres. Now, the company is extending its footprint in the replacement market, he adds.

The SteelRad tyres are designed to satiate assorted riding preferences. The series includes tyres for entry-level sport, super sport, sport touring and adventure biking. SportRads cater to riders who prefer high-speed stability and cornering grip and are priced at INR 12,500 for a set. These tyres offer a stylish design and softer compounds. CrossRad tyres are aimed at the adventure biking segment and are priced at INR 4,300 per set. These offer all-terrain capabilities and aid enhanced performance on mud, gravel and diverse terrains.

ceat sportrad crossrad launch mobility outlook

While underscoring the significance of wet grip, cornering stability and styling in the SteelRad series, Narayanan has reiterated the company's commitment to meeting the evolving expectations of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Shifting Trends

According to him, CEAT recognises the significant shift in the passenger vehicle segment, driven by the growing popularity of Compact Sport Utility Vehicles (CSUVs) over the past decade. As a result, newer vehicles entering the market are equipped with higher rim sizes, necessitating tyres with dynamic capabilities.

“Consumers are now looking for tyres that not only perform well on highways but also excel in off-road conditions, aligning with the rising trend of SUV ownership,” adds Narayanan. CEAT Tyres aims to address this demand with its new offerings across the four- and two-wheeler segments.

Community Engagement

Focussing on community engagement, Narayanan points out CEAT Tyres' involvement in organising enduro tracks, discovery rides and interactions with biking communities.

“CEAT Tyres aims to cater to the diverse needs of riders, ranging from commuters to passionate biking enthusiasts, with a focus on delivering performance, safety and style” he adds.

The unveiling of the SteelRad series and CEAT's association with Moto3 Junior World Championship rider Geoffrey Emmanuel further highlights the company's dedication to pushing boundaries in the tyre industry and fostering a strong connection with the biking community.

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