Log9 Solves Mid-mile Delivery Challenges With Sub-tonne E-LCVs

Abhijeet Singh
12 Oct 2023
10:59 AM
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Successfully operating a fleet of electric delivery LCVs running on the streets of Bangalore, Log9 focuses on solving the mid-mile delivery vehicles under the one-tonne category.

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After significant progress in the E3W category, Log9 runs a pilot project converting a fleet of sub-tonne LCVs to run on electric power. When it comes to last-mile deliveries, E3Ws can deliver in a smaller delivery radius. But looking at the cargo delivery segment, there are a lot of mid-mile delivery requirements from the hub to the delivery centres, constituting a larger market today. So, this sub-one-tonne capacity is the LCV 4-wheeler segment. Achieving a significant reduction in carbon footprint in this segment is a task taken up by Log9 as a brand.

Log9 has been working on the E4W LCV category for some time now with a few exclusive partners by retrofitting batteries for cargo transport. In this discussion with Mobility Outlook, Punith Kumar U, Vice President – Marketing & Growth, Log9 Materials, discussed the success of these conversions in many of the use cases. The company has been working with Northway Motorsport to electrify the cargo 4W segment by utilising their motor retrofitting skills, mating them to Log9 RapidX 12000 batteries. “Responsible energy is our mantra,” stated Kumar.

These E4Ws have a range of 80 km, with a quick 40-minute charge to full. The fast charging capability is a commendable hook, considerably reducing downtime and allowing drivers to cover nearly 200 km in delivery distance based on their needs. As an example, Kumar stated that milk deliveries can now happen in shifts, with minimum downtime while being zero-emission. The RapdiX 12000 battery, an 11.8 kW capacity with 3C current-enabled fast charging, has been the game-changer to these E4Ws. The company also guarantees 15,000 charge cycles from these batteries, making them robust for industrial use.

Overall, it has more than 5,000 batteries running on the road in different applications. The response from the clients has been tremendous, with partners like Maersk, ITC and Big Basket, to name a few, are already using these retrofit E4Ws for their deliveries. There are more third-party players using these vehicles, but confidentiality clauses do not allow Kumar to name them. However, he assured that the response has been good, and it just took a few months to bring these 50 units on the road.

Charging infrastructure has to be looked into, and standardising charging ports will be the next challenge to be resolved in the public network. “Look at the new tech companies; they want to bring in their proprietary chargers which becomes a huge deterrent to technology deployment. There is definitely a need to standardise chargers and make it easier for the end user,” added Kumar. Once this is solved, electric vehicle adoption will further increase manifold. These advanced charging solutions do not notably affect the battery’s performance, he said.

Further Ahead For Log9

Log9’s recent collaboration with Lohum will allow the company to complete the circular lifecycle of the battery. Since the brand is banging hard on sustainability, manufacturing, recycling, and reusing batteries is important. Lohum will be able to extract the residue from used batteries, and Log9 will be able to reuse the chemistry as it deems fit for use. This passes on the residual benefits of the used battery back into the supply chain, thereby adding value to the electrification cycle. When the cycle life completely exhausts for automotive use, these recycled batteries can be further used as energy storage devices. “Log9 is not there yet as the cycle life for these batteries is not yet complete, but we will have solutions prepared by the time this becomes a pressing issue,” he added.

Kumar also commented that since Log9 batteries are thermally stable, most tropical weather conditions make them ideal for efficient EV use. Since most other batteries are built for non-tropical weather conditions, Log9 brings in a unique proposition as a battery solution provider. South Africa and UAE have become workable markets to venture for the brand to expand.

The company also understands that beyond the battery and the IoT, the communication between the two is extremely important. Charvik is Log9’s proprietary BMS integrated with the IoT to enhance communications at the component level throughout the electric vehicle. “We work with OEMs to understand and bridge gaps in communication between the BMS, IoT, ICC and our battery kits”, said Kumar.

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