Mahindra XUV 3XO: The Compact SUV Quarter Horse

Abhijeet Singh
06 May 2024
05:25 PM
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Equipped with a tonne of new-age features, Mahindra has upped the ante for the XUV 3XO as a prime competitor in the compact SUV segment.

Mahindra XUV 3XO: The Compact SUV Quarter Horse mobility outlook

Our roads are not just about long straight highways and congested city bits; in fact, a huge chunk of them are district and rural roads, and they are demanding when it comes to cars. Manufacturers may bring out as shiny cars as possible, but they all have to face a variety of roads. This is part of why many people trust the Mahindra Scorpio, which is designed to deal with rough roads easily. The XUV 3OO was again a similar recipe, more compact and accessible. Now, though, considering the expanding market requirements, Mahindra has upgraded this platform to 3XO, packing in all the new modern features and refinements required of a compact SUV. Boasting an array of new features and refinement upgrades, it promises a comfortable feature-packed cabin and powerful output engines to add excitement for drivers.

Bold Design & Interior Refinements

The XUV 3XO captivates with its bold and athletic silhouette, taking cues from its elder brother, the XUV 7OO, and commanding attention on the road. First impressions might split opinions, but we think the design will soon grow on people. The rear especially looks good. The side profile is similar to earlier, but the new alloy wheels add more flavour.


Inside, the Ivory colour interiors, soft-touch leatherette dashboard, and leatherette seat upholstery exude sophistication and modernity. The big sunroof further adds airiness to the cabin. One thing that has improved a lot is the sound isolation in the 3XO; the cabin is significantly quiet, though some outside noise can be heard under certain conditions. Although we are yet to drive the car through the bustling streets of Delhi/NCR, the isolation feels more than enough. The air-conditioning went a bit wonky sometimes, but then we were pushing the car hard. One thing that is worth complaining about is the loudness of the warning chimes; the volume can be reduced. The cabin's spaciousness and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable journey for all occupants, especially even driving through rural roads. It is an effort keeping the ivory colour seats clean, good luck to customers on that one.


The Harman audio system will definitely win over all its customers. It comes with an amplifier, subwoofer, ambient and what not to play with. Mahindra’s connected car platform Adrenox comes with a lot of remote functions, just like all new connected cars are offering.

Safety Upgrades

With safety being of prime importance for customers, Mahindra has equipped the XUV 3XO with 35 standard safety features like Electronic Stability Control and hill descent control. The inclusion of Level 2 ADAS further enhances driving assistance and makes it a segment first. Also the addition of six-airbags is definitely a welcome addition. One notable characteristic for the 3XO is the overall visibility for the driver, making things easy while driving and parking.

Torquey Engines

There are a host of engine and transmission options available for 3XO. There’s a 1.2L naturally aspirated petrol, a 1.2L turbo-petrol and a beefy 1.5L turbo-diesel. We were driving the diesel and it just feels like an excellent overall package. The meaty 300Nm torque paired with a 6-speed manual transmission makes it a dynamic performing car for b-roads. Yes, Delhi/NCR people may sneer, but the diesel just feels so much relaxed for highway use. And paired with a robust suspension setup that Mahindra offers for the 3XO, it just becomes a mile-muncher for even rough roads. Also, since there is a lot of torque to play around with, the steering and suspension response can be adjusted via three driving maps, zip, zap and zoom. We could not drive much around to form an opinion on these modes yet, but these modes alter suspension characteristics to offer you a customised drive.


The Mahindra XUV 3XO sets new benchmarks in the compact SUV segment with its design, tech-features in the cabin, driver assistance systems and powerful engines. Whether you're navigating urban streets or exploring off-the-beaten-path, this SUV delivers a driving experience that is matured in this segment. With its robust suspension setup and array of features tailored for comfort and convenience, the XUV 3XO is poised to become a favourite among customers seeking adventure and reliability on the road.

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