Pataa To Add Digital Address In India Starting With Indore

Srinjoy Bal
02 Aug 2022
10:31 AM
2 Min Read

The company aims to reach the State administrations and integrate its API onto the 311 app, a voice-raising platform for Indore citizens to report civic issues and Governments to analyse, track, manage and solve.

Pataa API

Locating the address is critical for last-mile delivery companies since they are constantly on the move. With the available navigation apps, it becomes a little more difficult for these companies to navigate, particularly in India, due to the road conditions.

The Indian addressing app, Pataa, aims to solve this issue. Kratika Jain, COO, Pataa, speaking to Mobility Outlook, explained that using Google Map’s API, the company has divided the whole world into three-by-three blocks, and each block has been given its unique Pataa code.

Under each Pataa code, there are multiple other unique codes to identify each building for places where the buildings are in close proximity, she added.

Incorporated in 2019, the company started its development journey in 2021. Starting July 2022, the addressing company has set off for its first major project, which is to integrate its services with the Indore state Government, Jain stated. The company plans to make Indore its first digital address city. Under this, it aims to penetrate the State by integrating the service for each household and business along with the Government bodies.

To achieve this, Pataa aims to reach the State administrations and integrate its API onto the 311 app, which is a voice-raising platform for Indore citizens to report civic issues, and Governments to analyse, track, manage, and solve, the COO explained.

She continued that the company’s offline team is also reaching out to the local business to make their app the primary addressing app alongside running campaigns to target the local households.

Following Indore, which the company aims to complete in the next six months, it plans to add other cities to the list of digital cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

Besides these projects, the company is also working on expanding its client base. Over the next six months, it aims to add its addressing services to logistics companies like Blue Dart, DHL and FedEx, among other top players. 

“We are expanding and strengthening our go to market strategy for reaching out to these logistics companies,” Jain said. 

Regarding e-commerce websites, for FY23, the company is targeting websites that are also available on the aggregator platforms and have their individual websites, including Nyyka. 

Currently, the company’s API is claimed to be subscribed by logistics companies, including Profreight and Kimirica, while e-commerce clients include Swissboss, Swiss by dolcy and Simran,Ratan Sev Bhandar and Simply Organics, she claimed.

Moreover, it plans to revamp its user interface as it expands its client base and adds more users. “We are constantly revamping our UI UX, depending on the behavior that we are getting from the users,” the COO said.

Earlier in June 2022, the addressing app announced its partnership with ISRO. Under this partnership, ISRO’s data collected through the Bhuvan, VEDAS, and MOSDAC services will be shared with Pataa enabling it to facilitate new features on its application, Jain concluded.

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