Revolutionising Automotive Voice Command For Indian Audience: Mihup

Abhijeet Singh
08 Apr 2024
03:09 PM
2 Min Read is now synonymous with cutting-edge conversation intelligence platforms underpinned by NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology.

Revolutionising Automotive Voice Command For Indian Audience: Mihup mobility outlook

In an insightful conversation we had with Biplab Chakraborty, Co-founder of, the narrative of an enterprise that began its journey in 2016 unfolds, revealing a tale of innovation, ambition, and strategic foresight. Chakraborty’s journey is driven by a profound desire to create employment, an ambition that transcended from his earlier venture in consultancy to the birth of Mihup.

Transitioning from reselling to creating, emerged as a response to a gap identified by its founders: the necessity to craft something uniquely theirs, a product that could save costs and deliver value. It offers a fertile ground for developers, empowering them to construct applications atop its AI-based platform. The focus is twofold: enriching the automotive experience and transforming call centre operations.

A Dialogue With Machines

Mihup’s automotive prowess is encapsulated in its voice command solutions, which are now a feature in hundreds of thousands of vehicles from Indian OEM giants whose names cannot be mentioned at this time. This innovation extends beyond mere functionality; it breaks language barriers by supporting eight Indian regional languages, a testament to its commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

The platform’s evolution continues as it embraces a hybrid model, melding offline capabilities with online connectivity, thereby expanding the vehicle’s interaction with the external world. Mihup’s approach is not just about command compliance; it’s about intuitive interaction, where a vehicle understands and adapts to its owner’s linguistic preferences and commands. Further, Mihup’s AI assistant can process commands without network signals to enhance the experience and overcome network inconsistencies across India.

In the realm of call centres, Mihup is pioneering automation in quality assessment. By transcending manual limitations, the platform enables comprehensive analysis of calls, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. This not only streamlines processes but also offers a granular insight into customer interactions, a pivotal shift from quantity to quality.

Challenges & Future Horizons

Despite its successes, Mihup faces the perennial challenge of hardware constraints within OEMs. Yet, through ingenuity and persistence, the team has navigated these hurdles, delivering bespoke solutions that align with the infrastructural and operational parameters of their clients.

The vision is grand: evolving into an operating system in its own right, introducing LLM, and venturing into vision technology to complement its voice solutions. The ambition is clear – comprehensively integrating voice commands with vehicular functions, transcending conventional use cases to redefine interaction within automotive spaces.

Mihup’s journey is a symphony of collaboration, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence. It’s a narrative of how a home-grown idea can evolve into a beacon of technological advancement, illustrating that the right blend of vision, expertise, and determination can redefine industries. As Mihup continues to sculpt its legacy, discussing integration with the top OEM vehicle manufacturers in India, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology when guided by a clear mission and unwavering resolve.

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