Routematic's AI-driven Approach Improves Efficiency Of Corporate Transport

Abhijeet Singh
02 Jul 2024
08:30 AM
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"Our AI-driven approach allows us to efficiently manage a large number of trips with fewer vehicles, reducing costs and increasing driver revenue", Sriram Kannan.


In the evolving landscape of corporate transportation, Routematic is offering comprehensive solutions that integrate advanced technology and innovative approaches to fleet management. We spoke with Sriram Kannan, Routematic's Founder & CEO, to learn more about the company's journey, its cutting-edge use of AI, and its focus on sustainability.

Routematic's Proposition

Routematic specialises in scheduled rides for large volume transportation, which differs from the point-to-point ride services offered by companies like Uber and Ola. Kannan explains, 'We focus on the scheduled rides sector for large corporations, managing extensive transportation needs such as moving thousands of employees from their homes to offices and back.'

Rather than merely acting as a fleet vendor, Routematic offers a complete solution, including the technology platform and the manpower to operate the fleet. This model allows them to provide high-quality service level agreements (SLAs) for corporate clients and assured revenue for drivers.

AI In Fleet Management

Kannan, an AI practitioner himself, underlined the critical role of AI in Routematic's operations. 'We utilise both supervised learning for travel time estimation and reinforcement learning for optimising cab dispatch.' The AI system not only predicts travel times based on historical data but also determines the optimal allocation of trips to drivers, ensuring fair distribution and maximising efficiency. This advanced technology enables Routematic to handle approximately 6,000 trips daily, which is entirely managed by AI and demonstrates remarkable accuracy and reliability.

Since its inception in 2013, Routematic has evolved from a pure SaaS company to a comprehensive transport solutions provider. The shift began around 2017-2018 when the company observed that corporates struggled with peak demands and vehicle rotations. By offering city-level optimisation rather than just serving individual clients, the company was able to improve efficiency and significantly reduce costs.

The COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges, but it also presented opportunities. With a dynamic work environment emerging post-pandemic, Routematic's AI-powered routing tools became essential in managing fluctuating transportation needs. 'The hybrid work model has increased the demand for flexible and efficient transport solutions, and our AI system is adept at handling this dynamism,' Kannan notes.

Embracing Electric Vehicles (EVs)

The company is also championing the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs). Kannan highlights the benefits and challenges of this transition, stating, 'Prior to COVID, EVs were primarily supported through CSR funds due to their higher costs. However, with advancements in EV technology and the pressing need for sustainable transport, we are now able to offer EV services at competitive rates.'

The company has integrated EVs into its fleet, balancing cost efficiency and environmental responsibility. Thanks to strategic partnerships with charging station operators and optimised routing that considers charging needs, the company operates EVs at the same price as diesel vehicles.

Future Innovations

Looking ahead, Routematic is expanding its operations across major Indian cities, including Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The company is also introducing innovative solutions like Coco Rides, a B2B2C service that enables seat-level booking for corporates within the same IT park. This service aims to enhance the flexibility and convenience of corporate transportation, particularly in a hybrid work environment.

Kannan highlights the company's commitment to sustainability, not just through EV adoption but also through efficient carpooling. 'By pooling rides, we are already reducing our carbon footprint significantly. This approach, combined with the integration of EVs, positions us as a leader in sustainable corporate transport.'

Routematic has raised a total of INR 45 crore (approximately $ 20 million) in funding and closed the last fiscal year with a revenue of $ 15 million. The company boasts a headcount of 200 employees and continues growing rapidly, expanding its technological capabilities and geographical reach.

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