Sany India Sticks To Its Plan, Introduces SKT105E Electric Dump Truck

T Murrali
16 Apr 2024
07:00 AM
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About a year ago, during a visit to the company's manufacturing facility in Pune, Garg told this writer that meeting the significant demand in the mining sector remains a top priority. The aim to utilise the capacity to serve the entire value chain.

Sany Electric Dump Truck
Sany SKT105E Electric Dump Truck

In a significant move that signals a transformative shift in India's mining industry, Sany India, a global leader in construction and mining equipment, has unveiled the SKT105E Electric Dump Truck, the first of its kind to be locally manufactured in the country. This addition to its portfolio represents a significant milestone, ushering in a new era of sustainability and innovation in mining technology.

Driving Sustainable Mining Practices

The SKT105E Electric Dump Truck is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of open-cast mining operations, combining local expertise with global innovation. With a payload capacity of 70 tonne, it stands as a powerhouse asset for mining enterprises, delivering energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Deepak Garg, Vice Chairman & Managing Director of Sany India & South Asia, emphasised the truck's significance in driving sustainable mining practices in India, stating, 'The SKT105E marks a historic moment for Sany India and the Indian mining industry.'

About a year ago, during a visit to the company's manufacturing facility in Pune, Garg told this writer that meeting the significant demand in the mining sector remains a top priority. The aim to utilise the capacity to serve the entire value chain. Presently, it specialises in large excavators and a limited range of dump trucks. However, it aims to broaden its product portfolio “within the next year,” anticipating a comprehensive suite of offerings. This strategic expansion aims to cater to customers seeking integrated solutions, thus enhancing their overall experience.

At present, the company has a diverse product portfolio spanning four segments: excavators, heavy equipment, mining machinery, and road & port machinery, encompassing over 40 products with about 150 variants. The company has equipped itself to expand its offerings in response to specific market demands. With a robust capacity for localisation, it can swiftly develop and commercialise new products, often within a concise six-month timeframe from inception to market launch, Garg mentioned.

Sany India's range of products; inset: Deepak Garg

He further said that the company is actively embracing electrification across its product range. About a year ago, it introduced electric options for several products in the material handling segment, and “we are gradually ramping up their promotion. With the evolving ecosystem for electrification in India's automotive sector, we are extending similar efforts to our higher-end industrial equipment. Furthermore, on a global scale, our group is pioneering hydrogen technology. We have already developed prototypes utilising hydrogen fuel cell technology,' he explained. The unveiling of the SKT105E Electric Dump Truck aligns with the plans previously disclosed by Garg.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

One of the most noteworthy features of the SKT105E is its zero-emission operation, making it an environmentally friendly solution for mining sites. Its advanced electric propulsion system ensures optimal performance while reducing carbon footprint, aligning perfectly with India's commitment to combat climate change.


The SKT105E Electric Dump Truck boasts a significant performance capability, making it a formidable presence in the mining sector. With a curb weight of 38,000 kilograms and a total weight capacity of 108,000 kilograms, it is engineered to excel in the most demanding of environments. Powered by dual robust motors delivering a rated power of 440 kW each, the SKT105E effortlessly navigates challenging landscapes with improved performance.

Not only does the SKT105E prioritise performance and sustainability, but it also offers superior operating economics compared to conventional ICE dump trucks. Under similar operating conditions, it offers 60-70% better operating economics, further solidifying its position as a game-changer in the mining industry.

Operator Comfort, Safety

The SKT105E is designed with operator comfort and safety in mind. Equipped with features such as front & rear hydro pneumatic suspension and a full-hydraulic steering system, it offers precise control and manoeuvrability even in unforeseen circumstances., setting a new standard for performance and reliability.

The unveiling of the SKT105E Electric Dump Truck represents a significant leap forward for India's mining industry, demonstrating Sany India's contribution to innovation, sustainability, and the 'Make in India' initiative. With its groundbreaking technology and performance, the SKT105E is set to revitalise the way mining operations in the country, paving the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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