Tresa Electric Trucks Will Come With LIDAR & AI Tech For Safety: Rohan Shravan

Abhijeet Singh
24 May 2024
08:30 AM
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The brand emphasises a '100% Make in India' approach, particularly in manufacturing battery packs and axial flux motors.

Tresa Electric Trucks Will Come With LIDAR & AI Tech For Safety mobility outlook

With rising electrification in the two, three and four-wheeler commercial segment for last-mile deliveries, the next step is India's medium and heavy trucking industry. Tresa Motors flaunts itself as the country's first OEM of medium and heavy electric trucks, innovating and committing to the trucking segment for sustainable transportation. In a discussion with Rohan Shravan, Founder and CEO of Tresa Motors, we delve into the inspiration behind the company's foray into this vital segment, the unveiling of the Model V0.2, and the future trajectory of electric trucking.

Venturing Into Electric Trucking

Tresa Motors' entry into the medium and heavy electric truck market was driven by the urgent need to address the environmental and safety challenges posed by conventional diesel trucks in India. Despite representing only 3% of vehicles, trucks contribute over 50% of particulate emissions and one-third of CO2 emissions. They also accounted for over 14,000 fatalities in 2021, with many drivers experiencing impaired vision due to spending long, arduous hours on the road.

'Our goal is to create a sustainable and safe logistics ecosystem through Indian innovation. By developing indigenous electric trucking solutions powered by our proprietary Axial Flux Motor technology, we can significantly reduce emissions and safety hazards while lowering operating costs for fleet operators,' the CEO said.

Unveiling The Model V0.2

The launch of the Model V0.2 electric truck marks a significant milestone, as this India-made truck caters to the 18T-55T GVW segment and is packed with industry-first advancements. Key features include a central steering setup, air-suspended customisable seat, and adaptability for varying range requirements. The Model V0.2 will generate 24,000Nm of torque, has a top speed of 120kmph, and the 300KWH battery will be capable of achieving 80% charge in 20 minutes.

'Our trucks also incorporate indigenous LIDAR and AI technologies for enhanced safety and security. As the country's sole electric motor manufacturer, our robust intellectual property reduces costs while securing the future, adding value for our customers. We've engineered mileage-efficient electric trucks that set new benchmarks through domestic innovation,' he noted.

'Our world-first Meg50 is an 800V 50kWh self-contained battery pack with IP69 enclosures and active liquid cooling, delivering customisable range options with optimal performance and safety. Similarly, our Flux 350 axial flux motor provides high power density, efficient cooling, and increased efficiency,' Shravan explained.

Largest EV Truck Trials In India

As a proof of concept, Tresa Motors is set to conduct extensive trials of its electric trucks in Q2 2024, covering one million kilometres across diverse terrains and weather conditions. These trials aim to validate the vehicles' durability, battery performance under high temperatures, and adaptability, optimising their efficiency through comprehensive data collection.

In-house manufacturing is central to Tresa Motors' product innovation and business sustainability. By controlling every aspect of production, from motors and controllers to battery electronics, the company ensures unmatched quality and customisation.

'Our latest model, V0.2, comes with centralised computing units, telemetry systems, and in-house 800V battery packs with indigenous BMS. This comprehensive 'Make in India' approach, backed by cutting-edge research and engineering excellence, enables us to deliver market-leading indigenous EV components and solutions,' he highlighted.

Tresa Motors fosters a culture of learning and collaboration, where engineers at all levels are encouraged to design, manufacture, and innovate. This approach, known as Delta Engineering, involves reflecting on failures, brainstorming solutions, and moving forward with the best possible strategies.

'At Tresa Motors, everyone is inspired to do everything. Our engineers not only design sub-components but also assist in manufacturing, ensuring a deep understanding and ownership of the entire process,' he emphasised.

The company's electric trucks are designed with sustainability and driver safety in mind. Aerodynamic designs reduce air drag, improving range and energy efficiency, while central driver seating offers better visibility and ergonomics for safer, more comfortable driving.

Leveraging AI & Sensor Fusion Technologies

The OEM integrates artificial intelligence and sensor fusion technologies to enhance the efficiency and safety of its electric trucks. Equipped with LIDAR and camera sensors, these trucks can map and analyse their environment in real-time, ensuring unparalleled safety and efficiency.

'Our background in AI helps us design systems where hardware and software can marry together efficiently. AI algorithms are rapidly evolving, and our deep knowledge helps us stay relevant in the industry,' Shravan said.

As the truck maker continues to validate its vehicles' durability and performance through ambitious trials, the company is poised to realise India's dream of becoming a global manufacturing leader in the EV space.

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