2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250 Launch Date Announced

Rishabh Bhaskar
03 Apr 2024
09:30 AM
1 Min Read

Could cost Rs 10,000 more than the outgoing bike


Bajaj Auto has announced the date for the launch of the updated Pulsar N250. The Pune based manufacturer will unveil and announce the price of the bike on 10 April, 2024. The bike is expected to feature significant updates such a traction control system.

Some people may argue the point of having traction control on a bike that makes less than 30bhp. However, given the unpredictability of our roads and chances of losing control over slippery, dusty roads, the safety net of TC cannot be overlooked. Interestingly, the 2024 Pulsar N250 will be the first Bajaj motorcycle to feature traction control.

The bike could also feature multiple ABS modes to alter the level of the system’s intervention, based on the riding conditions.

We could also see Bajaj use this opportunity to tweak the design of the bike or introduce new decals and graphics to add more visual presence to the bike. In terms of features, expect to see a new digital display with Bluetooth connectivity and navigation.

The mechanicals will likely remain the same. To recap, the Pulsar N250 is powered by a 249cc engine that produces 24.1bhp and 21.5Nm. It is paired with a five-speed gearbox.

At present, the Bajaj Pulsar N250 is priced at Rs 1.50 lakh, ex-showroom. Considering the additional features on the new bike, expect the price to go up by roughly Rs 10,000.

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