AJAX Engineering Spearheads Indian Export Of Slip-form Pavers To Global Markets

Mobility Outlook Bureau
14 May 2024
02:39 PM
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With a paving width ranging from 3.5 to 12 metres, AJAX’s Slip-form Pavers ensure uniformity, strength, and durability in construction projects.

AJAX Engineering Spearheads Indian Export Of Slip-form Pavers mobility outlook

AJAX Engineering has become the first Indian company to export indigenously designed and manufactured Slip-form Paver in India, to international markets including Russia and Africa. This versatile equipment is used extensively in large scale infrastructure projects such as road and highway construction, and airport developments, providing efficient and precise concrete laying capabilities.

Currently, AJAX exports to over 45 countries, demonstrating its expansive reach and the international demand for its high-quality concrete solutions.

Under the leadership of Shubhabrata Saha, MD & CEO of AJAX Engineering, the company has not only contributed to the Indian economy but has also showcased significant growth in the international arena. 'Our international business registered a growth of 58% in FY24, surpassing the industry growth,' commented Saha. This growth trajectory is a testament to AJAX's robust engineering capabilities and its commitment to quality and innovation.

AJAX has established a strong reputation for manufacturing excellence, adhering to stringent quality assurance protocols and meeting global regulatory standards. This ensures that all equipment, including the newly exported Slip-form Pavers, meet the rigorous demands of international markets. The company's streamlined supply chain management and production processes further enhance its capability to deliver high-quality products consistently.

With the successful export of the Slip-form Paver, AJAX is poised to expand its footprint in the global concrete equipment market. The company’s ongoing commitment to technological advancement and quality assurance positions it as a leading player in the industry, ready to meet the evolving needs of both domestic and international markets.

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