Allison Ventures Invests $10 Mn In EnerTech Capital To Boost Mobility Innovation

Mobility Outlook Bureau
20 May 2024
01:30 PM
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This strategic move is expected to accelerate Allison's innovation pipeline, enhancing their offerings in the mobility and transportation sector and solidifying their position at the forefront of technological advancements


Allison Ventures, the venture capital division of Allison Transmission, announced a $10 million investment in EnerTech Capital, marking a significant step towards enhancing emerging technologies within the mobility sector. This investment aligns with its strategy to influence the rapidly evolving fields of electrification, connectivity, autonomy, and digitisation in automotive technologies.

EnerTech Capital, known for its involvement in developing innovative business models and technologies, welcomes Allison Transmission as a pivotal investor in its new initiative, The Global Strategic Mobility Fund. “We are excited to have Allison Transmission join as an investor in our latest fund. This partnership will offer valuable insights and complement Allison’s internal strategies for innovation,' stated Wally Hunter, Managing Partner at EnerTech Capital. Allison joins a cohort of nine other corporate investors, aiming to create a collaborative environment that leverages mutual strengths.

The investment grants Allison Ventures access to EnerTech’s expansive network of high-tech firms, opening doors to collaborative projects that aim to reshape the converging landscapes of technology, energy, utilities, and transportation. “Through this partnership, we gain critical insights into mobility trends, market research, and business development opportunities that will bolster our capabilities,” said Todd Bradford, Vice President of Strategy, Business, and Corporate Development at Allison Transmission.

Allison Transmission’s commitment through this strategic partnership underscores its dedication to spearheading innovation across commercial duty mobility and work solutions. “EnerTech seeks to redefine the mobility sector through investments in companies that are shaping the future of the industry,” Bradford added.

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