ARAI Grants First PLI-AUTO Certificate to Tata Motors

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26 Dec 2023
02:13 PM
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The 12-metre length of the bus caters to the growing demand for efficient public transportation, providing a spacious and comfortable environment for passengers.

ARAI Grants First PLI-AUTO Certificate to Tata Motors mobility outlook

In a significant milestone, Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has awarded the first Production Linked Incentive for Automobiles (PLI-AUTO) certificate in the M3 category to Tata Motors. The recognition is specifically for their 12-metre long fully built bus, the TATA STARBUS 4/12 EV, which includes both air-conditioned (AC) and non-air-conditioned (Non-AC) variants.

The PLI-AUTO certificate is a testament to Tata Motor’s commitment to innovation and conformity to industry standards. The TATA STARBUS 4/12 EV is a pioneering model in the electric bus segment, showcasing advancements in sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions. The award from ARAI acknowledges the vehicle's compliance with safety, performance, and environmental regulations.

The inclusion of both AC and Non-AC variants demonstrates Tata Motors' versatility in meeting diverse market needs and preferences. Speaking on the achievement, a spokesperson from Tata Motors expressed gratitude for the recognition from ARAI. The PLI-AUTO certificate not only validates the technological prowess of Tata Motors but also underscores their role in driving the adoption of electric vehicles in the country.

The TATA STARBUS 4/12 EV represents a leap forward in the Indian automotive industry's transition towards sustainable mobility. With zero-emission capabilities and a focus on passenger comfort, it aligns with the nation's broader goals of reducing carbon footprint and promoting cleaner forms of transportation.

As India aims to accelerate its electric mobility infrastructure, this recognition by ARAI positions Tata Motors as a leader in the electric bus segment. The PLI-AUTO certificate serves as a mark of excellence, boosting consumer confidence in the Tata STARBUS 4/12 EV as a reliable and technologically advanced choice in the market.

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