Automotive Grade Linux Releases ‘Quirky Quillback’ To Enhance SDV Development

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10 May 2024
01:05 PM
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This new release represents a significant advancement in the development of software-defined vehicles (SDVs), emphasising cloud integration, support for new processor architectures, and enhanced user interfaces.


Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), a leading industry consortium developing an open-source platform for connected car technologies, announced the release of its latest software update, UCB 17.0, nicknamed ‘Quirky Quillback.’

Quirky Quillback introduces support for AWS Graviton processors, enabling AGL to operate within a cloud environment. This integration allows automotive engineers to develop and test AGL software remotely, significantly reducing the necessity for physical hardware access.

Stefano Marzani, a worldwide technology leader for SDV at AWS, highlighting the benefits said, 'With support for Graviton processors, our customers can leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud to enhance their development processes for AGL-based software.'

Another significant update is the platform’s support for the RISC-V architecture, with the SiFive Unmatched hardware board. This move is aimed at leveraging the open RISC-V architecture to enable the creation of custom processors that maintain compatibility across automotive applications, promising easier scalability and reduced time-to-market. The inclusion of RISC-V aligns with its growing adoption across industries, where its customisable nature supports diverse automotive software needs.

New User Interface With Toyota’s Embedded Flutter

The update also features a new user interface, developed using Toyota’s automotive embedded version of Flutter. This addition is designed to streamline the development process for in-vehicle applications and is part of AGL’s effort to set a new standard in automotive user interfaces.

Dan Cauchy, Executive Director of AGL, said, 'Toyota's Flutter contribution has allowed us to rewrite the AGL UI and reference applications in just eight weeks.'

Additional Technological Enhancements

Quirky Quillback includes updates such as the Yocto Project's latest Kirkstone release, integration with updated Flutter v3.13.9, and the new Chromium Embedded Framework for web apps. Connectivity enhancements feature the latest KUKSA.val for vehicle-to-cloud communication, and notable audio updates with improved APIs for sound management.

Vehicle-to-Cloud Demonstration

Demonstrating the platform's capabilities, AGL also showcased a vehicle-to-cloud demo application, illustrating how data such as speed and fuel gauge levels can be managed via cloud technologies, paving the way for advancements in fleet management and remote diagnostics.

With these updates, AGL continues to drive forward the development of open-source software solutions that not only meet the current demands of the automotive industry but also anticipate future needs in the era of software-defined vehicles.

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