BLive Unveils EV Rental Program For Last-Mile Delivery Operators

Abhijeet Singh
11 Jun 2024
02:30 PM
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EZY EV rental program aims to address the financial barriers that delivery riders face when transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs).

BLive Unveils EV Rental Program For Last-Mile Delivery Operators mobility outlook

BLive has announced the launch of its innovative BLive EZY EV Rental Program targeting last-mile mobility partners. The EZY EV Rental Program specifically addresses the financial challenges such as the requirement for a high CIBIL score for loan approvals. The program offers competitive rates and flexible terms making the switch to electric vehicles more accessible. With rentals starting at INR 1500 per week, delivery partners can seamlessly integrate EVs into their operations.

BLive’s AI-enabled platform integrates the entire EV ecosystem, including manufacturers, demand generation partners like Zomato and Swiggy, finance providers, charging solution providers, and the gig worker community. By enabling fleet operators to on-board as franchisee partners, BLive facilitates the creation, deployment, and management of fleets with comprehensive fleet management solutions, thus promoting the adoption of sustainable transportation.

A recent survey by Bangalore-based Robas Research revealed that 77% of last-mile delivery riders already own electric vehicles, highlighting a preference for sustainable transportation. However, financial obstacles like complex loan processes and high interest rates remain. To overcome these challenges, BLive has introduced a 'Rent to Own' option as a key feature of the program. This allows riders to own their EVs after a rental period of 36 months, fostering long-term sustainability and encouraging the widespread adoption of green transportation solutions.

'The BLive EZY EV Rental Program is a significant step towards making electric vehicles more accessible. It provides a cost-effective and hassle-free way for riders to own their EVs,' states Samarth Kholkar, Founder of BLive. 'We believe this initiative will empower riders and significantly reduce carbon emissions in our cities.'

The program offers premium EVs from well-known brands such as TVS, Ather, Bounce, and Revolt on flexible rental terms. The rent-to-own model allows delivery agents to eventually own these high-quality EVs at the end of the rental period, underscoring BLive’s commitment to driving sustainable mobility solutions.

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