Bugatti Chiron Drives Into The Sunset; Successor To Arrive Later This Month

Aditya Nadkarni
05 Jun 2024
11:20 AM
1 Min Read

The Chiron successor will debut on 20 June.

The iconic brand Bugatti has officially completed production of the Chiron with the last unit rolling off the production line, thus marking the end of an era. The 500th unit, in typical fashion, gets special elements to mark the occasion.

front view

Known as the Chiron L’Ultime, it is an ode to the original Chiron that debuted eight years ago at the Geneva International Motor Show. Finished in an exclusive dual-tone theme of Atlantic Blue and French Racing Blue, the interplay of these colours is a tribute to all the places the car has ‘spread its magic’ since 2016.

left side

Since its inception, the Chiron has also spawned multiple special editions, the Chiron Sport, Chiron Pur Sport, Chiron Super Sport, Chiron Super Sport 300+, and the Les Legendes du Ciel, to name a few. This also marks the end of the line for the glorious W16 engine, which was unique on multiple fronts. The quad-turbo, 16-cylinder engine was tuned to develop a mind-numbing 1,479bhp and a gut-wrenching 1,600Nm of twist.

right rear

While the Chiron drives into the sunset, the folks at Molsheim are prepared to produce yet another legendary car that will carry on Bugatti’s lineage. The French automaker has released a teaser of the Chiron successor, which is set to be revealed on 20 June. At the heart of this new hyper will be an NA V16 engine married to a set of three electric motors.

front view

The teaser video of the Chiron successor reveals the signature horseshoe grille and a frunk with an aluminium insert at the centre. Bugatti says that this car takes design inspiration from the Type 57 SC Atlantic, Type 41 Royale, and the Type 35. Mark your calendars, 20 June is almost here!

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