Castrol India Opens New Sarathi Mitra Training Center In Sankagiri

Mobility Outlook Bureau
22 Sep 2023
05:04 PM
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Aiming to promote a safer, healthier, and financially resilient trucking community in the country, Sarathi Mitra’s initiative has helped more than two lakh truck drivers so far.

Castrol Sarathi Mitra mobility outlook

Castrol India has opened its latest Castrol Sarathi Mitra training centre in Sankagiri, Tamil Nadu. The programme that made a significant impact on the lives of the drivers, their families, and the community at large, focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle among truck drivers, aiming to shift their attention towards healthier food choices and physical activity, thereby enhancing their overall well-being.

Since its inception in 2017, the initiative paves the way for their financial empowerment by imparting knowledge and skills in digital financial literacy, further testament to its holistic approach to driver welfare. With the inauguration of this new centre, Castrol India now manages eight state-of-the-art training facilities nationwide, reflecting the brand’s vision for safer roads.

The company has a large manufacturing and distribution network in India with three blending plants and a distribution network of 350 distributors through over 100,000 retail outlets, making it an important part of the trucking industry.

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