Continental Acquires KINEXON's On-Board Operating System For Autonomous Transport Robots

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19 Oct 2023
01:14 PM
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This will enable the company to further accelerate the introduction of new functionalities and the expansion of its product portfolio within robotics for intra-logistics.

Continental Acquires KINEXON mobility outlook

Continental has acquired KINEXON's specialized division for its on-board operating systems to facilitate the intelligent control of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), strengthening its position in the strategic growth field of mobile robotics.The core of the acquisition is the 'Brain' on-board operating system developed for the precise and networked control of autonomous mobile transport robots, including the IP rights to this market-leading and proven solution. In addition, the division's highly qualifieddevelopment team is moving from KINEXON to Continental.

Through this acquisition, Continental is expanding its own depth of value creation, extending its robotic expertise in software and hardware, thus strengthening its own range of customer solutions for mobile robots.Pierre Pomper, Head of Continental Mobile Robots, stated 'With this acquisition, we are enlarging our global development team and strengthening our system expertise in mobile robotics. We can offer robust mobile robot solutions that have been proven in operationssince years. A one-stop shop for our customers.'The acquisition is a positive development for Continental as it expands its capabilities in the growing field of mobile robotics. AMRs are used in a variety of industries, including intralogistics, manufacturing, and retail, to automate material handling and other tasks. Continental's acquisition of KINEXON's on-board operating system will give it a competitive advantage in the AMR market.KINEXON, the seller of the on-board operating system, will focus on its core business of providing fleet management software for autonomous mobile robots. The company will continue to partner with Continental, offering its software as an option for controllingContinental's AMRs.

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