Continental, Elektrobit Unveil Alexa Custom Assistant

Mobility Outlook Bureau
16 Jun 2021
01:56 PM
2 Min Read

The comprehensive solution lets automakers access Alexa’s advanced AI to create their own branded, intelligent assistants.


The joint efforts by Continental and Elektrobit (EB) have resulted in significant advancement in automotive embedded voice experiences, with the first in-vehicle integration of Alexa Custom Assistant. The demonstration of in-vehicle integration of Alexa Custom Assistant at Alexa Live is scheduled for July 21. 

According to Continental, the comprehensive solution lets automakers access Alexa’s advanced AI to create their own branded, intelligent assistants. 

Integrating Alexa Custom Assistant into Continental’s Cockpit High-Performance Computer was possible with software and integration services provided by EB. 

Continental’s automotive electronics and EB’s software expertise enabled Alexa Custom Assistant to integrate into a production vehicle. It gains significance as automakers can now experience the solution as part of a fully integrated digital cockpit, offering them better insights into the solution’s in-vehicle value proposition and enabling the discovery of novel use cases. The highly integrated hardware-software solution will put automakers on the fast track in addition to adding an industry-leading customised voice experience to their vehicles. These attributes help the OEMs to show their distinctive advantages over competiton. 

With Alexa Custom Assistant, innumerable custom experiences can be programmed into the vehicle, enabling a natural dialogue between the driver, custom assistant, and Alexa to fulfil the driver’s request. Each request is routed to the assistant that can provide the most relevant and delightful experience. For example, if a customer asks Alexa to roll down a car window, the request will be seamlessly routed to the vehicle brand’s assistant. If a customer asks the vehicle brand’s assistant to play an audio book, the request will be routed to Alexa. Continental said that the automakers can even customise their brand’s assistant with a unique wake word, voice and capabilities – providing customers the benefits of an intelligent assistant that is their product and services expert, while seamlessly coexisting and cooperating with Alexa. 

Frank Rabe, Head, Human Machine Interface Business Unit, Continental, said with the addition of more displays, cameras, sensors and advanced features, the cockpit is becoming increasingly complex. In addition, boundaries between life in and outside the vehicle continue to blur, with consumers expecting a seamless technology experience no matter where they are. “Holistic interaction concepts for such complex systems are key, and the best user experience is becoming the ultimate differentiator for any automaker. Working together with Amazon we enable automakers to create world-class customised voice AI experiences that maximise resources and enhance the customer experience,” he added.

Ned Curic, Vice President, Alexa Auto, said the collaboration with Continental and EB gives the industry a highly integrated and scalable solution for adding customisable in-vehicle experiences to cockpit systems while reducing the burden of building the core capabilities of an intelligent assistant. Thus automakers can focus their time and resources on creating other unique capabilities that delight their customers.

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