CUMI, Ideaforge To Develop Nanomaterial Reinforced Products For Drones

Mobility Outlook Bureau
17 Aug 2023
12:14 PM
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CUMI and ideaForge will develop innovative nanomaterial reinforced structures to make lighter, stronger, smaller, and more durable drones.

CUMI - Ideaforge

Chennai-based Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI), part of Murugappa Group, has announced a collaboration with India’s leading drone maker, ideaForge Technology, to jointly develop cutting-edge nanomaterial reinforced composite parts for drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). 

Sunil Jha, Sr Director, Engineering, ideaForge Technology, said using nanomaterial reinforced composites in drones offered several exciting possibilities, such as higher specific modulus or strength and is likely to shape the future of airframe and related structural components of drones. “We are excited to partner with CUMI, which has done some pioneering and innovative work in the field of material science over the years.”

Subbu Venkatachalam, Head of Marketing, CUMI, said this partnership will bring some significant synergies and shape the next generation of drone technologies. 

Nanomaterial-reinforced composite materials (such as graphene-reinforced polymers) hold the promise of transforming structural parts for aerospace applications, as they offer several improvements in physical properties over standard composite materials, which can include higher mechanical strength, greater toughness and stiffness, better electrical and thermal conductivity, superior fire retardancy and higher barrier to moisture and gases. 

Nanocomposites, with their unique design possibilities, offer immense potential in creating materials with desired properties for specific applications. Using the appropriate nanomaterials can help build smaller, lighter, stronger, and more durable drones, among others.

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