Elektrobit, Canonical Announce EB Corbos Linux

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21 Feb 2023
02:24 PM
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The new solution provides OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers the benefits and flexibility of an open-source operating system for developing ECUs in software-defined vehicles.

Elektrobit - Canonical

Elektrobit and Canonical on Tuesday announced EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu, bringing the largest open-source Linux community to automotive software. The new solution provides OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers with the benefits and flexibility of an open-source operating system for developing electronic control units (ECUs) in software-defined vehicles. In addition, it integrates Ubuntu, provided by Canonical, in a solution that addresses the specific needs of the automotive sector. 

Elektrobit has provided the automotive industry with embedded and connected software products and services for over 35 years. EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu, will enable the application of open-source Linux to ECU application development while ensuring compliance with processes needed for automotive mass production across development and in-vehicle systems with embedded devices. 

With the increasing complexity of software-defined vehicles, carmakers need software that optimises resources to speed up development. EB corbos Linux offers a rich and flexible open-source development environment. It enables carmakers to leverage advancements already made by the massive community of world-class open-source developers while developing their innovations. Besides, it fills a major gap in the functional architectures of software-defined vehicles, giving them more flexibility and access to a large pool of experienced, motivated application developers. 

A completely customisable software package with a software development kit (SDK), tooling and source code, EB corbos Linux is a highly modular common binary package combined and configured in an application-specific solution.    

Jens Petersohn, Director, Linux product management, Elektrobit, said, “The automotive industry has historically relied heavily on distributed, specialised, single-function and highly-embedded ECUs to implement the electrical and electronic features of a vehicle. With today’s more complex architectures, greater flexibility is needed to facilitate innovation and enable frequent updates. Carmakers have been asking for an operating system that will provide the same type of capabilities and flexibilities that we’re seeing in cloud-based or enterprise software development. With EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu, it is now here.” 

Bertrand Boisseau, Automotive sector lead, Canonical, said, “Linux is a well-established, open-source solution in industries ranging from large-scale cloud and enterprise systems to embedded systems for mobile communications. The automotive industry is at a point in its development where embracing open source has huge potential benefits. We’re excited to work with Elektrobit to bridge the gap between automotive software and open source.” 

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