Evnnovator, CHARGE+Zone Partner Mercedes-Benz India to Provide EV Charging Solutions

Mobility Outlook Bureau
07 Nov 2023
01:26 PM
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The partnership aims to offer charging services offered by multiple Charge Point Operators (CPOs) through a single platform.


Evnnovator and CHARGE+ZONE, have partnered with Mercedes-Benz, to introduce a vertically integrated end-to-end charging solution tailored for the latter’s customers.

Evnnovator's eMSP platform introduces the FICH EV charging app, enabling users to discover, access, and pay for charging services offered by multiple Charge Point Operators (CPOs) through a single platform.

CHARGE+ZONE, on the other hand, operates Charge Cloud, a cloud-based Charging Management Software, integrating high-speed EV chargers from the Mercedes-Benz Franchise Network with Evnnovator's eMSP platform.

Mercedes-Benz's extensive charging network is integrated with over 150 DC Fast Charging stations and 100+ Type 2 Chargers that are already operational on Evnnovator's eMSP platform. This integration results in a robust network of approximately 500 charging points accessible nationwide through the FICH app.

In line with their commitment to sustainable mobility, Mercedes-Benz India has opened its Franchise Charging Network to other OEMs, granting them access to the charging infrastructure at Mercedes-Benz Franchise DC Charging stations across India.

Santosh Iyer, MD and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, highlighted the collaboration with Evnnovator, which onboarded the charging infrastructure of Mercedes-Benz's Franchise Partners across India onto the FICH application, ensuring seamless access to their pan-India fast charging solutions for all EV users.

Rai Nitin Chitransh, Founder, Evnnovator, said that the partnership represents the future of EV charging in India, prioritizing accessibility, convenience, and sustainability.

Kartikey Hariyani, CEO, CHARGE+ZONE, stated that the shared objective is to provide a vertically integrated charging solution that meets current needs while accommodating anticipated growth in EV adoption.

This partnership lays the foundation for an advanced and sustainable EV charging ecosystem in India, supporting the country's transition towards a greener and more electrified future, he added.

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