Exicom Launches India's Fastest DC Charger

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15 May 2024
03:00 PM
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One of the standout features of the Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Chargers is their advanced AI-driven remote management system, which enables predictive maintenance and remote fault diagnostics.

Exicom Launches India

Exicom has launched India’s fastest DC chargers, the Harmony Gen 1.5, have power outputs ranging from 60 kW to 400 kW. The Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Chargers are engineered with user convenience in mind. Their compact design ensures a smaller footprint, making them easier and more cost-effective to install. With an efficiency rating exceeding 95%, these chargers are suitable for a broad spectrum of EVs, from lightweight cars to heavy-duty buses.

This significantly enhances uptime for Charge Point Operators (CPOs), resulting in greater reliability for end users. The chargers also feature integrated ambient lighting for improved visibility in dark areas and a cable management system that simplifies handling heavy charging guns.

Designed to withstand India's challenging environmental conditions, the Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Chargers operate efficiently in extreme temperatures and salty environments. Their wide input voltage range makes them resilient to grid fluctuations, ensuring consistent performance. Made from premium-grade steel, these chargers guarantee long-term durability and a strong return on investment for CPOs, OEMs, and dealerships.

Exicom has designed the Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Chargers with accessibility in mind, adhering to PAS standards to ensure that physically disabled individuals can easily use and operate the chargers. The chargers are also equipped with a credit card payment terminal, catering to international markets.

The company is expanding its reach into Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia) and Europe. The Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Chargers are ideal for OEMs needing DC fast chargers for dealerships and service stations, as well as for CPOs managing public charging networks.

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