FADA Reveals Modest Growth In March’24 Amidst Electric Surge

Abhijeet Singh
08 Apr 2024
09:56 AM
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The expiration of the FAME 2 subsidy triggered a notable uptick in EV sales, propelling the 2W-EV market share to 9.12%.

FADA Reveals Modest Growth In March’24 Amidst Electric Surge mobility outlook

In a release by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), the Indian Auto Retail sector has showcased an encouraging performance for March 2024 and the entire financial year 2024. Amid various economic and political challenges, the sector has demonstrated resilience and strategic innovation, particularly in embracing electric vehicles and navigating through market volatilities.

March 2024 Insights

In March 2024, the Indian Auto Retail sector experienced a modest year-on-year growth of 3.14%. The two-wheeler (2W) and three-wheeler (3W) segments were the standout performers, with growth rates of 5% and 17% respectively. This growth is particularly noteworthy in the context of the 2W segment, where electric vehicle (EV) sales surged, catapulting the 2W-EV market share to an unprecedented 9.12%. This uptick is largely attributed to the expiration of the FAME 2 subsidy, highlighting the sector's responsiveness to policy changes and market incentives.

The passenger vehicle (PV) sector, however, encountered a downturn, with a month-on-month and year-on-year sales decline. Factors such as selective financing, heavy discounting, and a cautious consumer sentiment amidst economic and electoral uncertainties played a significant role. Despite these challenges, the sector remains buoyed by improved vehicle availability and strategic launches, indicating a potential for recovery and growth.

The commercial vehicle (CV) segment faced its own set of challenges, balancing election-induced purchase slowdowns against robust demand in specific sectors like coal and cement transportation. This mixed landscape underscores the sector's adaptability and strategic planning in navigating complex market dynamics.

Financial Year 2024: Robust Growth and Sectorial Milestones

Reflecting on the entire financial year 2024, the Indian Auto Retail sector achieved a notable 10% year-on-year growth across all categories. This performance sets new records, especially in the 3W, PV, and tractor segments, underscoring the industry's resilience and strategic evolution.

The two-wheeler segment's growth, fuelled by a blend of enhanced model availability, new launches, and a buoyant EV market, reflects a sector in strategic transition. Similarly, the three-wheeler segment's remarkable 49% growth establishes a new industry benchmark, driven by innovation and a shift towards electric and CNG-fuelled vehicles.

The passenger vehicle segment's growth to an all-time high signifies a strong consumer response to a diverse model mix and improved vehicle availability. The CV sector's growth, while modest, highlights the industry's adaptability to market and economic variables, setting a positive tone for future prospects.

Optimistic yet Cautious Outlook for FY’25

As the industry steps into the financial year 2025, the mood is one of cautious optimism. The sector is keenly anticipating new product launches, particularly in the EV domain, aiming to capture the growing consumer interest in sustainable mobility. Economic growth indicators, favourable government policies, and expected favourable weather conditions are seen as key drivers for sustained growth, particularly in rural markets and sectors linked to infrastructure development.

However, challenges remain, including intense competition, a high base in the PV segment, and the need for strategic market engagement. The industry's response to these challenges, through innovation and strategic planning, will be crucial in determining its trajectory in FY’25.

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