Hero MotoCorp Unveils Electrifying Plans At EICMA 2023

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08 Nov 2023
04:40 PM
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The company unveiled production-ready vehicles and futuristic concepts, aligning with its commitment to innovation and global expansion.

hero motocorp eicma 2023 mobility outlook

Hero MotoCorp, the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters, made a significant impact at the EICMA 2023 by showcasing a lineup of new electric and ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles, along with a vision to enter the European market by mid-2024.

Niranjan Gupta, CEO of Hero MotoCorp, revealed their ambitious plans to enter the UK, Spain, and France markets in 2024, starting with the introduction of their electric scooter, VIDA V1. Hero MotoCorp's reputation for offering high-quality personal mobility solutions at accessible prices positions them well for success in these new geographies.

The company introduced several new products at EICMA. Xoom 125R: A scooter designed for modern riders, featuring a 125cc engine, advanced LED lighting, digital speedometer, and Bluetooth connectivity. Xoom 160: This new scooter offers extra space, comfort, and road presence, powered by a 156cc liquid-cooled engine with silent start technology.

VIDA V1 Pro: Hero's first electric scooter, setting a Guinness World Record for the greatest distance traveled by an electric scooter in 24 hours. It offers customization, cruise control, boost mode, keyless access, and more. Concept 2.5R XTunt: A high-performance motorcycle designed for urban adventures, boasting precision, agility, and distinctive style.

Concept Lynx (Off-Road Electric Motorcycle): Inspired by the Lynx cat, this off-road electric motorcycle offers instant torque and a quiet operation, perfect for various terrains. Concept Acro (Kids' Electric Bike): Acro is a versatile electric bike designed for children aged 3 to 9, featuring an adjustable frame and customizable speed settings to ensure safety and fun for young riders.

Hero MotoCorp's expansion into Europe will be facilitated through partnerships with established distributors in each market. Motogb, GD France, and Noria Motos will help the company establish a presence in the UK, France, and Spain, respectively. By mid-2024, the company will introduce its electric scooters and later expand its range of premium ICE motorcycles and scooters in these countries.

The Hero MotoCorp team is dedicated to its vision, 'Be the Future of Mobility,' and believes that its commitment to eco-friendly, sustainable manufacturing, fuel-efficient ICE products, and technologically advanced electric vehicles will resonate with customers globally. The company aims to serve the evolving global customer and contribute to a cleaner and more hospitable planet for future generations.

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