iVOOMi Announces E2W Upgrade Program At INR 2,999

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12 Feb 2024
02:00 PM
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To avail this exclusive offer, customers can visit their nearest authorised iVOOMi dealership, where the staff will guide them through the process.

iVOOMi Announces E2W Upgrade Program At INR 2,999 mobility outlook

In a bold move to redefine the electric two-wheeler market, iVOOMi has unveiled its Vehicle Upgrade Program, offering seamless upgrades to all high-speed electric scooters for the first time in the industry. This program, priced at just INR 2,999, aims to provide iVOOMi customers with advanced and feature-rich experience, setting a new standard for smart e-mobility.

The program covers iVOOMi's entire existing range of vehicles, including the JeetX, S1, and S1 2.0 models, ensuring that all customers can benefit from the latest technological advancements in the electric scooter industry. Ashwin Bhandari, Co-Founder and CEO of iVOOMi, highlighted the transformative nature of this upgrade, stating, 'This revolutionary upgrade isn't just about a cosmetic change; it's a leap into a new era of smart e-mobility.'

The upgrade promises an electrifying riding experience by seamlessly connecting riders to the cloud, providing access to a range of smart functionalities. These include Bluetooth, NFC, and 4G/5G capabilities, enabling advanced features such as Turn By Turn Navigation, Keyless Entry, Mobile App integration for monitoring and operations, and a Smart Security Feature. This ensures that every ride is not only efficient but also thoroughly enjoyable with the added convenience of cutting-edge technology.

The seamless transition to the connected scooter of choice is designed to make innovation accessible to all iVOOMi customers. This opportunity presents riders with a chance to embark on a journey where convenience, safety, and innovation converge like never before, underscoring iVOOMi's commitment to shaping the future of electric mobility.

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