Auto Expo 2023 Live Updates - Explore A New World Of Mobility

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Ultraviolette Showcases F99 Factory Racing Platform


At the ongoing Auto Expo 2023 Ultraviolette has announced that it is foraying into high-speed racing with the unveiling of the F99 Factory Racing platform. 

The platform has been engineered to output  maximum power from the powertrain while ensuring all necessary safety checks, resulting in a peak power output of 65 BHP and a top speed of over 200 kmph. 

Narayan Subramaniam, Co-founder and CEO, Ultraviolette, said, “The world of racing is extremely challenging as it forces the vehicle to be pushed beyond its limit, and this is what leads to innovation. The F99 Factory Racing Platform led us to think beyond conventional technologies in the EV space today. We are confident that the innovation emerging from the F99 Factory Racing Platform will make its way to the public in the future. By combining aviation and racing principles, we intend to bring the most advanced electric vehicles to the world.”

Niraj Rajmohan, Co-founder and CTO, Ultraviolette, added, “With the most advanced powertrain architecture and battery tech coming out of India, we want to be at the forefront of innovation globally. Our singular goal is to consistently deliver top notch technology and a superior riding experience for customers, be it on the race track or on the roads.”

Adhishwar Auto Adds MBP Brand, Launches M502N Motorcycle

Moto Bologna Passion

Adhishwar Auto, which retails Benelli and Keeway motorcycles in India, has introduced M502N motorcycle from Moto Bologna Passion - MBP motorcycle brand, at the ongoing Auto Expo. Moto Bologna Passion is originated from Italy. 

Powered by a 486 cc parallel twin engine, it generates 46.9 hp at 8,500 RPM. 

The company has also launched C1002V cruiser motorcycle. Powered by a belt drive, the motorcycle features an all-aluminium frame.

Godavari Electric Motors Launches L5 Electric 3W, E-cycle


Godawari Electric Motors has launched its first vehicle L5 electric three-wheeler and an e-cycle. The L5 three-wheeler can go at speed of 50 kmph and the deliveries of the e3w will commence from 14th February.

L5 e3w come for an ex- showroom price of INR 3.40 lakh. 

Hyder Khan, CEO, Godawari Electric Motors, said the e3W is made up of DTPD materials which makes it virtually unbreakable. Eblu Thrill e-cycle comes with a patented technology which allows both girls and boys to use it. Every product coming from Godawari has three USPs, safety, performance and comfort. 

The Eblu Thrill e-cycle is priced at INR 21,000 while the Eblu Spin with 12Ah battery is priced at INR 35,000 and the Eblu Spin with 18Ah battery is priced at INR 45,000.

Motovolt Mobility Unveils E-scooter


Motovolt Mobility has unveiled its maiden e2w scooter range, M7. 

Tushar Choudhary, Founder & CEO, Motovolt Mobility, says about 50% of e2Ws in India are used to carry goods. Designed and developed in India, the M7 range will come with battery subscription model. 

MTA E-Mobility Launches Two E3Ws & A 3-wheeled Two-wheeler

MTA E-Mobility

MTA E-Mobility has launched two Shera e3Ws with dual speed transmission. This is the first dual speed e3W in India. Shera Comfy has been launched at introductory starting price at INR 3.45 lakh. The Shera R8 is offered at a staring price of INR 3.9 lakh. 

The company has also unveiled three-wheeled electric two-wheeler. 

Wardwizard Launches E-scooter MIHOS & E-bike Rockefeller


Wardwizard Innovation & Mobility, the manufacturer of Joy E Bike brand of vehicles has launched an electric scooter MIHOS. Made of polydiacetylene, a conductive polymer, the two-wheeler is strong and will not get affected by any impact, eventually minimising the maintenance cost. It can go up to 100 kms on a full charge. 

Yatin Gupte, Chairman, Ward Wizard says the scooter is completely made in India. For the first 1,000 units of the scooter, the company will sell at INR 1.49 lakh. 

The company has also launched electric motorcycle Rockefeller, targeting the city commute segment. Made of polydiacetylene, the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 70kmph. 

Jupiter Electric Mobility Launches GEM TEZ, EV Star CC

Jupiter Electric

Jupiter Electric Mobility, a subsidiary of Jupiter Wagons has launched two electric vehicle - GEM TEZ, EV Star CC. 

Vikash Lohia, Director, Jupiter Wagon, said, “The whole idea was to use our engineering capacity and global collaboration to introduce new products which includes 7T e-truck. Till date the CV space hasn’t been tapped when it comes to sustainable vehicles. The 2.2T e-truck will come with a ten-year warranty for the battery pack. 

Vivek Lohia, MD, Jupiter Wagons said the 7T e-truck has been developed in partnership with Green Power, a US-based CV maker. The idea is to bring global technology to India. 

Omega Seiki Launches Four-door E3W With AC, E-truck

Omega Seiki

At the Auto Expo 2023, Omega Seiki has launched four-door electric three-wheeler with air-conditioned cabin called RAZE AV. 

Uday Narang, Chairman, Omega Seiki says the company started with one products but it will augment the last mile mobility market with its EVs. The company will also introduce its own batteries and powertrains, he said, adding that swappable technology has a big role to play in India’s EV story.

Electric Truck 

The company has also launched M1KA electric truck at the show. These are already deployed in many international locations including Egypt and UAE. India will soon see these on roads, adds Narang. 

Auto Expo 2023 Goes Live

Auto Expo inaugural ceremony

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the 16th Edition of the Auto Expo – The Motor Show, Vinod Agarwal, President, SIAM says the auto industry directly employs 30 million people and today it represents 6% of India’s GDP and 35% of India’s manufacturing GDP. Indian automotive exports were higher by 36% YoY with 5.6 million units exported in the year, highest ever. 

The initiative of the Department of Heavy Industry like FAME and PLIs are key enablers for the industry. 

Ethanol Blended petrol will help Hydrogen integration in the long term, he said adding that this year’s Auto Expo will showcase the efforts taken by the Indian automotive industry towards decarbonisation.

Auto Expo inaugural

Mahendra Nath Pandey, Minister of Heavy Industries, said the 50 Giga Watt hour battery PLI will not only make India ‘Atmanirbhar’ but also allow India to emerge as a key exporter for batteries. “I request the Indian carmakers to come up with technologies to help the country bring down its road accident rate from the current 11%,' he added.   

Nitin Gadkari at Auto Expo inaugural ceremony

Nitin Gadkari, Minister, MoRTH, says India is the fastest growing economy in the world and the role of the automotive industry is very important. To reach to the five trillion economy, automobile industry plays a key role. 'I request the automobile manufacturer to reduce the cost of vehicle and to produce vehicle by recycling the scarp vehicle and components. I request the bus manufacturers to start NBFC and have financing option for their buses which will increase the business' the Minister noted.

“We need to increase our manufacturing and supply chain capabilities. The new technologies like CNG, LNG and Ethanol is a win-win situation for all,” he said adding that technologies developed by the country’s technological institutes help bring down the cost of green hydrogen from INR 300 per kg to INR 100 per kg. 

“We want to reduce road accidents by 50% by the end of 2024. By the same time our road infrastructure will be equivalent to that of the US. About 60% of road accidents deaths include 18-34 age group of people. We don’t want to put up a mandate, but automotive industry should look at ways to reduce road accidents,” the Minister pleaded.  

Maruti Suzuki Unveils Fronx, Jimny

Maruti Jimny and Maruti Fronx

Fronx has been designed and developed in India and will be sold through the NEXA channel. Fronx to be powered by a 1.0 L tubocharged petrol engine.

The second product is the five-door Jimny built on the ladder frame chassis, built on the Suzuki Tech Platform. It will have All Grip Pro 4X4 system. Suzuki has sold more than 3.2 million units of the Jimny globally so far.

Bookings for the Fronx and Jimny commences from today at the NEXA showroom.

Jimny along with the Fronx will create new dynamics in the market, says Hitashi Takeuchi, MD & CEO, MSIL.

Shashank Srivastava, SEO, Marketing and Sales, MSIL said the company always takes disruptive steps for the market. “Our portfolio is a true reflection of ‘one size doesn’t fit all’,” he said.


The new Fronx marks our journey towards a whole whole new area of SUVs, said Srivastava. 

India is the first country to get a 5-door Jimny.

CV Raman, CTO, MSIL said the Fronx is targeted at the trendsetter customer, while the Jinmy is targeted at adventurous individuals. 'Crafter Futurism is the very basis of the Fronx,' Raman said.

Form following function has been the basis of the Jimny, said Raman.

SUN Mobility launches swappable battery for 2/3Ws

Chetan Maini, SUN Mobility

Chetan Maini, Vice Chairman, SUN Mobility said the company is all about sustainability. Removing batteries from Electric Vehicles can make them affordable.

The swappable batteries it has launched is interoperable. The company says the battery can provide 45% more range.

The company has also launched a new charging model, where various modules can be attached to each other to increase the number of batteries being charged together.

Anant Badjatya, CEO, SUN Mobility says the product will empower entrepreneurs from small and big cities.

MG Unveils Hydrogen Fuel Technology

MG Motor EUNIQ 7

Rajeev Chaba, President & MD, MG Motor India introduces hydrogen fuel cell PROME P390. The MG Euniq 7 MPV will based on this technology.

The Euniq 7 MPV will be the first product to introduce the PROME P390 technology. It takes 3 minutes to refuel the EUNIQ 7, which claims a range of 605 km.

The company took a step forward yesterday by showcasing its hybrid and electric portfolio under the Drive Ahead theme for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Gaurav Gupta, CCO, MG Motor India said the company firmly believes that ecosystem will be the bedrock for the mobility sector. 

Hexall Motors Showcases Four Electric Vehicles

Hexall Motors

Hexall Motors, a bootstrapped start-up started in July 2022, showcased Mammoth Hop Electric Passenger Vehicle, Mammoth L, Mammoth M, and Bubble Bus.

With a seating capacity of D+11, the Mammoth Hop gives a range of 110 km to 175 km and a top speed of 50 kmph.

Positioned under cargo electric vehicle category, the Mammoth L features the same range as Mammoth Hop. 

Dinesh Tyagi, MD, Hexall Motors, says the company wishes to cater to different segments via affordable electric mobility. 

The Bubble Bus features a range of 85 km to 250 km, and offers a seating capacity of D+41. It can generate a maximum torque of 560 Nm. 

Tata Motors Unveils Slew Of PVs, Turbo Petrol Engines

Tata Motors

Tata Motors has introduced the Harrier EV based on the JLR OMEGA arc platform and Curvv ICE that will hit the Indian roads by 2024. The vehicle maker has also unveiled Sierra EV. Harrier EV will have four wheel drive capabilities as well. 

Tata Motors

Shailesh Chandra, MD, Tata Motors, says today the customers are looking for cars that have good performance, better fuel economy and are sustainable. The SUV market is expected to get fragmented further. “We are unveilings new range of turbo petrol engines- in 1.2l and 1.5L capacity,” he adds. 

The twin CNG vehicles - Altroz iCNG and Punch iCNG will address the second issues in CNG vehicle of lower boot space as compared to fossil fuel counterparts. 

“We aim to attain net zero emmision for PV by 2040. Our 25% of sales will come from EVs in the next five years and by 2030 the percentage will go up to 50%,” he said. 

Digital, Energy, Supply Chain Drive Growth For Tata Motors, Industry

Tata Motors

N Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons, says, “At Tata Group we are engaged in three major transition- digital, energy and supply chain. All of these are changes that are driving growth not just for Tata but for the industry. 

Shailesh Chandra, MD, Tata Motors, says customers today are looking for cars that have good performance, better fuel economy and are sustainable. The SUV market is expected to get fragmented further. “We are unveilings new range of turbo petrol engines- in 1.2l and 1.5L capacity,” he adds. 

The twin CNG vehicles - Altroz iCNG and Punch iCNG will address the second issues in CNG vehicle of lower boot space as compared to fossil fuel counterparts. 

Tata Motors Targets Net Zero CO2 Emissions By 2045

Tata Motors

Girish Wagh, ED, Tata Motors, said, “We’re targeting to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2045. Today we are going to showcase 14 products and concepts that are going to shape our sustainable journey including 5 BEV trucks one HICV and four FCEV

Tata Motors is showcasing two new pickup models, Intra bi-fuel long range and Yodha CNG. 

Tata Motors is showcasing two new pickup models, Intra bi-fuel long range and Yodha CNG. The company has exhibited four CNG vehicles, two hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, one hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicle and five BEVs. 

Alongside Prima LNG is also being showcased.

Tata Motors

Zero Emission 

Zero emissions are going to play a key role is decarbonisation of the mobility applications. About 700 Tata e-buses across nine cities have saved 60,000 tonne of CO2.

Magic EV, Ultra E.9 and Prima E.28k will be Tata’s next step towards the ‘Shoonya’ Campaign. 

HICV will play a key role in the transition towards FCEV commercial vehicle. In this regards Tata Motors is launching Prima H.55s, which will be for long haul cargo segment. 

Tork Showcases Refreshed Kratos R

Kratos R

Tork has showcased a refreshed Kratos R at the ongoing Auto Expo 2023. Deliveries will start in June 2023. 

The motorcycle available at an EMI of INR 2,999 for a tenure of five years.

Kapil Shelke, Founder, Tork Motors, says, the start-up is opening a larger plant in Q1CY23. The capacity of the plant will be to manufacture one motorcycle every four minutes. Bharat Forge is the strategic partner of Tork for this new plant.

Presently at Pune, Surat, Hyderabad, and Patna, the start-up will open dealerships in 24 more cities by Q4FY23.

The start-up is also an component maker for E3W OEMs.

Matter Electric Bike


E2W start-up Matter has showcased its next-generation EVs and concepts at the Auto Expo 2023.

The 6 KWh variant of the Matter-bike, India's first geared motorbike, is built on the innovative Matter-bike platform and offers an enhanced range with fast charging capabilities under two hours. The price and pre-orders for the newly launched bike will be soon announced for the Indian market.

The company has also launched a battery pack and a fast charger. 

Mohan Lalbhai, Founder and CEO, Matter, says, “We are introducing a 6kWh battery pack option for the electric bike along with the fast charger 1.0. The pricing will be made available in the next 30 days.”

The company is working on modular platform with swappable batteries.

Atul Auto Unveils Electric 3-wheeler

Atul Auto

Atul Auto unveiled two electric three wheelers - Atul Mobili and Atul Energie. The former features 110 km range, and will be positioned in the passenger category.

The latter, positioned in the cargo segment, will have a range of 195 km and a payload capacity of 500 kg. Both the E3Ws can reach a maximum speed of 45 kmph. 

Lexus Unveils RX 500h, 300h


Lexus India unveiled the RX 500h and 300 h Luxury at the ongoing Auto Expo 2023. 

Senthil Kendai, Executive Vice President, Lexus India said the new RX will be offered in 500h Performance and 300h Luxury variants. 

The 500h is the first product to bring Lexus’ plug-in hybrid technology to India.

Naveen Soni, President, Lexus India, said the company has 15 physical touch points in 13 locations in India.

The virtual dome that was recently introduced will allow Lexus to provide unique guest experience to a wider audience, Soni said.

Cummins Exhibits Future-ready Powertrains

Cummins India

Cummins India has announced that the company has signed an MoU with Tata Motors to work on Hydrogen and Electric vehicles.

The company introduces Fuel Agnostic Platform where the emissions will be zero despite the nature of fuel used in it. The next step will be where the best of best technologies will emerge in terms of decarbonisation.

Cummins India

Ashwath Ram, Managing Director, Cummins India, says, these are exciting times for the industry. There are opportunities as well challenges. 'Our innovation can be seen in action through the range of solutions on display at AUTO EXPO this week and it reaffirms our commitment to Decarbonization. We will continue to work together with our stakeholders on low carbon and zero emissions solutions that further our shared goal of reducing our carbon footprint on the planet'

Srikanth Padmanabhan, President, Engine Business, Cummins, says, “We have created different solutions for different industries for last 100 years, and we continue to do the same. We need to start to go to zero emission technologies today.”

Cummins India

Under Destination Zero strategy the company will be concentrate on zero emissions. Natural Gas, CNG, LNG, Bio-Diesel are the first steps to start decarbonising the world. The next step will be where the best of best technologies will emerge in terms of decarbonisation. 

'We must advance solutions in a way that secures a sustainable future for the industries that keep the world running. That's why we have developed the broadest range of ultra-low and zero-emission technologies dedicated to the commercial vehicle industry, which is being showcased at the AUTO EXPO,' he adds.  

BYD Atto 3 SUV In Forest Green Colour

BYD Atto 3 Forest Green

BYD India Announces Q4CY22 Launch Of Seal Sedan

Sanjay Gopalakrishnan, Sr Vice President – Electric Passenger Vehicle Business, BYD India

BYD India has launched a new variant of the Atto 3 EV in Forest Green colour.

The Forest Green variant has been priced at INR INR 44.49 lakh and will be limited to only 1,200 units.

Sanjay Gopalakrishnan, Sr Vice President – Electric Passenger Vehicle Business, BYD India said the company is the only one in India to have a born e-platform vehicle.

BYD India to launch Seal in Q4 CY2023, with a range of 700 km. deliveries will commence from October 2023.

BYD Seal is an important product for India, said Gopalakrishnan. The Seal will be based on the born EV 3 platform with Blade battery and Cell To Body (CTB) technology. The CTB technology can withstand loads up to 50 tonne and improves frontal crash by 50% while side impact safety is improved by 45%, he said.

Kia Reveals Concept EV9


Kia India revealed Concept EV9 at the Auto Expo 2023. 

The vehicle is made of upcycled materials and features an inbuilt solar panel. Besides, it also features 27-inch display screen and a panoramic sunroof. 

14 BEVs 

Tea-Jin Park, MD & CEO, Kia India says Kia will introduce 14 BeV models by 2027 globally. The company will replace 20% plastic parts with recycled plastic by 2030. The company will collaborate with NGOs and recycle plastic.

The OEM showcases its Future vision in the form of Kia KA4. “We are developing versatile EV solutions with a goal to spread the business across the world. Kia believes that sustainable development is inclusive. 


Myunk Sik Sohn, Chief Sales Officer, Kia India, said, “We will produce an EV made in India for India by 2025.” 

“We will require few hardware and software changes to meet new RDE norms,” he added.

The company will expand its sales outlets to 220 cities in by 2023. In addition, it will also open 100+ per owned car outlets in India by 2024. 

Hardeep S Brar, National Head, Sales & Marketing, Kia India, says the demand for EVs is increasing. The company is exploring the possibility to launch more EVs in India. It will launch Ambulances and Police Vehicles. 

Vayve Mobility Unveils EV Concept


Vayve Mobility unveils a 3-seater EV concept at the Auto Expo. Called EVA the car features a range of 250 km, and would be launched in India during the next 18 months. It will be priced under INR 10 lakh. The start-up is building this commuter 3-seater electric car to challenge the traditional commute challenge in India. 

Hyundai Showcases, EVs, FCVs, Robot

Hyundai Robot

Hyundai Motor India showcases the ‘Spot’ robot at the Auto Expo 2023. 

Unsoo Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India, said this year at auto we will display Hyundai’s capabilities on robotic front alongside showcasing various sustainable vehicles including  EVs and FCVs. 

Launches IONIQ 5 at INR 44 .95 lakh

Hyundai IONIQ 5

Hyundai Motor India has launched the IONIQ 5 at INR 44 .95 lakh. The prices are applicable only to first 500 customers. 

IONIQ 5 initiated Hyundai’s successful start towards electrification globally. Minchul Koo, Head Asia Pacific, Hyundai Design, says the IONIQ 5 design is evocating the icon that defines Hyundai design DNA. With IONIQ 5 the company takes the first step towards the EV era.

Tarun Garg, COO, HMIL, says the IONIQ 5 is built on G-EMP, based of four key pillars- Modularity, Performance, Reliability and Usability.

The carmaker also showcased Hyundai E-GMP platform, IONIQ 6 and Nexo FCV.

VECV Showcases Multiple Products

Volvo Eicher

Under the banner of smart and sustainable mobility VECV is showcasing multiple commercial vehicles at the Auto Expo 2023. 

Volvo has also showcased a LNG truck. The company will be launching the same once the ecosystem for LNG develops in India. To promote green tourism across India Volvo has also showcased the 9600 Premium Electric Coach in India.

Also on display are prototypes of alternate fuel powered commercial vehicles.

13.5 metre Bus 

The company has also introduced India’s first 13.5 metre long electric bus. 

Akash Passey, President, VECV, said that the new mobility is not about next gen technologies but about sustainability. “We are well in line with the Government of India’s green mobility initiative.

Switch Mobility Unveils Two e-LCVs


Switch Mobility has unveiled two electric LCVs at the Auto Expo 2023.

Mahesh Babu, CEO, Switch Mobility, said that the company has 500 buses on road at present. This year till now the company’s market share increased from 2% to 18%.

“Our modular platform can be accommodated to multiple use cases. In next five years we will be saving up to one millon tonne of Co2. The LCV range will start from two tonne to 4.5 tonne category.

Ashok Leyland Unveils New Logo, 5 Products

Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland Launches New Logo at the Auto Expo 2023. Besides, the company showcased five new products ranging from 14 seater CNG LCV to Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV trucks. 

Shenu Aggarwal, MD, Ashok Leyland, says, “As we complete 75 years of journey, we are launching our new 75 year logo along with new sustainable products.Today’s customers are driven by solution. They seek end to end solutions and are tech enthusiasts.'

Dr N Sarvanan, CTO, Ashok Leyland, says, with the new products the idea is to leverage what we already have and make them sustainable. “We believe these products will take Ashok Leyland to reach carbon neutrality.

MG Motor Unveils Next-Gen Hector, Announces Prices

MG Motor India has announced the prices of the next-generation Hector. 

MG Motor India on Wednesday unveiled the next-gen Hector with 11 autonomous Level 2 (ADAS) features that offer hassle-free driving comfort with enhanced safety.

MG Hector Ex-Showroom Prices (INR Lakh)
PowertrainStyleSmartSmart ProSharp ProSavvy Pro



1.5L Turbo Petrol MT14.7216.7917.9819.44-
1.5L Turbo Petrol CVT-17.98-20.7721.72
2.0L Diesel MT-19.0520.0921.50-

Hector Plus


1.5L Turbo Petrol MT---20.14-
1.5L Turbo Petrol CVT---21.4722.42
2.0L Diesel MT--20.7922.20-

Hector Plus


1.5L Turbo Petrol MT-17.49-20.14-
1.5L Turbo Petrol CVT---21.4722.42
2.0L Diesel MT-19.75-22.20-

The flagship SUV is available in 5, 6, and 7-seater configurations, offers intelligently designed seating options and ample space. The 6-seater SUV seats come with a captain configuration while the 7-seater is offered with bench seats. 

The next-gen Hector comes in 5 variants and has more than 75 connected features including 100 voice commands. They include segment-first features such as touch-screen control for the sunroof, voice commands for ambient lights, navigation voice guidance in five Indian languages, 50+ Hinglish commands etc. 

JBM To Launch Electric Coach Galaxy


JBM to launch electric coach Galaxy, which will be 100% made in India. 

The company is also presenting three new electric buses. The 12 meter high floor coach promises a range of a 1,000 km.

Nishant Arya, Vice Chairman, JBM Group, says that the electric buses and coaches segment will continue to grow for years to come. The company will be setting up new plants as the demand for electric buses and coaches increases. JBM group had deployed over 5,000 electric buses in India.


JBM Group launches JBM Ecolife Electric City Bus, JBM Ebiz Life Electric Bus, JBM ESchool Life Electric Bus. With these launches the group has presented one product each for city travel, corporate travel, and school transit.

Greaves Launches Six Electric 2&3 Wheelers, Powertrains


Greaves Cotton showcases its EV might at Auto Expo 2023 with six new electric two and three-wheelers while also foraying into electric powertrains

Dr Arup Basu, MD, Greaves Cotton, we have been a fuel agnostic player on the ICE front; now we aim to expand our capabilities to the EV front with the new electric motor and components.

According to Sanjay Bhel, CEO and Executive Director, Greaves Cotton, NXG will suite the new age customers who want a perfect balance between comfort and performance while providing software on wheels

Magnus has sold 100,000 units till date.

Greaves Cotton unveils new ‘Ampere’ brand logo

Greaves Cotton unveils the new Primus with the new ‘Ampere’ brand logo. 


NXU will have a range of 120 kms will payload capacity of 200 kgs. ELC 3W caters to the last mile cargo market and will have a top speed of 55 kmph. 

While a lot of new customer experience centric innovation will be announced in the coming quarter.

MG Motors Unveils New Hector

MG Motors NextGen Hector

MG Motors Unveils New Hector 

The new Hector is Level 2 ADAS enabled, and features largest infotainment display in its segment.

MG Motors showcases new technologies that it is testing in India

MG Motors showcased Hybrids ERx 5, MG 6 and EVs such as  MIFA 9 and Marvel R, MG 5. 

Rajeev Chaba says all the cars showcased are production ready. 

Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer, MG Motor, says the OEMs participation is not just about cars. It is also about what lies ahead and the tech that will enable the same.

We are the first to recycle a lithium ion battery in India with our partner Attero. With software right at the heart of the car, MG Motors showcases the refreshed Hector, ZS EV, Gloster, and MG Astor.

MG Hector

MG4 hatch offers 450 km range while the eHS range was not announced. These are the strongest contenders from the stables of MG that might be launched in India. Chaba says in five years about 25% to 30% of its sales will be electric in India.

Maruti Suzuki Reveals Concept Electric SUV “eVX

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki Reveals Concept Electric SUV “eVX

Hitashi Takeuchi, MD and CEO, Maruti Suzuki India, says, “With focus on Atma nirbhar Bharat, the company is committed to bring in new products to India while also increasing manufacturing capacity in India. 

According to Toshihiro Suzuki, Representative Director, Suzuki Motor Corporation EVX will hit the market by 2025. Addressing global warming is a priority. Maruti will invest 100 billion rupees for the production of BEV and their batteries

Auto Expo 2023 Media Day Kicks-Off Today

Auto Expo 2023 is all set to kick-off today at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida with vehicle manufacturers scheduled to showcase and launch new products, technologies and concepts to the media. The expo open for the public on January 13, 2023.

We go live from the show at 8:30 am today. Stay tuned! 

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