Marelli Secures Major Contract To Supply Battery Thermal Plates For EVs

Mobility Outlook Bureau
05 Jun 2024
04:40 PM
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This in-house developed and produced technology is crucial for thermal energy management in electric vehicles.


Marelli has secured a significant contract with a major global carmaker to supply Battery Thermal Plates (BTP) for future Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). The contract, starting in 2024, will involve approximately five million units over its duration, covering various vehicle platforms and segments in China, North America, and Europe.

“We are proud of this important assignment, which further strengthens our collaboration with global carmakers on technologies that are key to optimising thermal energy management of vehicles,” said Shuji Kobayashi, President of Marelli’s Green Technology Solutions business. “Through our solid experience and comprehensive portfolio, we support OEMs in achieving the most efficient solutions for electric, hybrid, and internal combustion engine vehicles, adapting to their specific needs to co-create with our customers their vehicles of tomorrow,” he added.

Effective battery thermal management is vital for ensuring performance and efficiency in electric vehicles. Marelli's BTP, featuring the 'Dot Dimples' design, optimises heat exchange and stabilises battery cell temperatures. This design ensures temperature uniformity, enhancing battery life, vehicle range, and fast charging capability while maintaining a comfortable cabin environment.

The BTP's flat design allows for easy integration and assembly within the vehicle, and the use of durable materials ensures high quality. Marelli’s in-house testing and simulation capabilities enable quick adaptation to various customer needs, making the solution highly customizable.

Production will take place in China, Mexico, and Romania. Besides the BTP, Marelli offers a comprehensive range of solutions for heat balance management across all vehicle systems, leveraging its expertise in heat exchange technologies.

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