Mercedes-Benz & Prayoga Institute Launch Sustainability Garage For Materials Research

Mobility Outlook Bureau
21 Feb 2024
04:05 PM
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Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, this Garage will serve as a focal point for multidisciplinary research aimed at developing eco-friendly materials with diverse applications.

Mercedes-Benz & Prayoga Institute Launch Sustainability Garage mobility outlook

Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI) has taken a significant stride towards promoting innovation in sustainable mobility with the launch of the 'Sustainability Garage'. This collaborative initiative, in partnership with Prayoga Institute of Education Research, underscores MBRDI's commitment to driving positive change and advancing sustainable practices in the automotive industry. This innovative hub represents a joint effort to create platforms and research spaces dedicated to advancing sustainability among a diverse set of stakeholders.

The inauguration of the Sustainability Garage marks a significant milestone in MBRDI's sustainability journey, fostering collaboration between academia and industry to drive research and innovation in sustainable materials and technologies. As part of this initiative, specialised course material has been jointly developed, with over 150 students from six universities in Karnataka set to participate in curated workshops and gain hands-on experience with the research equipment.

Manu Saale, Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India, emphasized the company's commitment to sustainability as a core priority, highlighting the importance of partnerships with academia and research labs in amplifying innovation efforts. Saale expressed excitement about the launch of the Sustainability Garage, underlining its role in nurturing an ecosystem that embraces circularity and sustainability principles.

Dr H S Nagaraja, Chief Mentor of Prayoga Institute of Education Research, stressed the need to foster innovation from a young age and create an enabling ecosystem for young researchers. He underscored the significance of the collaboration with MBRDI, noting its potential to accelerate innovation through strong industry-academia-student relationships.

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