Namma Yatri Women Auto-preneurs Earn INR 42 Lakh Through Mahila Shakti Program

Abhijeet Singh
08 Jul 2024
05:20 PM
1 Min Read

The Mahila Shakti program offers a comprehensive, free one-month training that covers electric auto driving, traffic regulations, app usage, and customer service skills.

Namma Yatri Women Auto-preneurs Earn INR 42 Lakh mobility outlook

The Mahila Shakti Auto Driving Program by Namma Yatri is revolutionising the lives of women in Bengaluru, empowering them with financial independence, flexibility, and respect in their work. Nearly 100 women drivers have collectively earned INR 42 lakh through this initiative, which aims to create a safer and more inclusive city. The program recently celebrated its top women drivers in a ceremony presided over by Dr Ramalinga Reddy, Transport Minister and Muzrai Minister of Karnataka.

Dr Ramalinga Reddy stated, 'In Karnataka, we take pride in our progressive values and inclusive spirit. By becoming auto drivers, these women are not only earning a livelihood but also reshaping societal norms. Their presence on our roads brings a new dimension to urban mobility, fostering a safer and more welcoming environment for all. This initiative is a testament to the strength and resilience of our women, and we are committed to supporting their journey towards empowerment.' The minister also pledged government support for women drivers, including free training programs, assistance in obtaining licenses, and financial support for securing loans.

Since its inception, the Mahila Shakti program has trained and empowered numerous women to become auto drivers. Together, these drivers have covered more than 400,000 kilometres. The program is not merely about providing jobs; it is about promoting gender-responsive mobility, financial independence, and flexible job opportunities for women in Bengaluru. This initiative is breaking down barriers, allowing women to contribute meaningfully to the city's transportation ecosystem while gaining respect and recognition in their communities. Graduates receive continued mentorship and access to electric autos at nominal rents, empowering them to earn, save, and eventually own their vehicles.

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