Power Global Joins PositivEnergy, Redivivus To Aid Battery Lifecycle, Recycling

Mobility Outlook Bureau
28 Sep 2021
04:30 PM
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To support India’s in-country battery manufacturing capabilities, the company will develop a 100% electric battery module in tandem with local cell manufacturers.


In a bid to reinvent the lifecycle of lithium-ion batteries, Power Global, the leading provider of high-performance clean energy and mobility products, has announced two new MoUs with stationary storage integrator PositivEnergy and battery recycling processor Redivivus.

Most electrified three-wheelers in regions like India are powered by lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries imported from China. To support India’s in-country battery manufacturing capabilities, the company will develop a 100% made in India electric battery module in tandem with local cell manufacturers. The company said that these battery modules are central to the company’s Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) programme, which will provide battery swap kiosks at select locations across India and oversee the battery lifecycle from application to second life.

In addition to powering EVs, the company has partnered with PositivEnergy, a renewable energy solutions company, to develop stationary storage solutions that support projected grid demand from electrification and enable the renewable energy transition in diverse global markets. Built upon its scalable battery technology, the stationary storage solution is expected to achieve a 15-20 year product lifespan. Furthermore, a full solution will be integrated by PositivEnergy and backed by their bankable performance guarantee, PositivCare, reducing the barriers to entry for renewable energy adoption in all markets, the company said.

Left: Battery module; Right: Power Global's product lifecycle management

Pankaj Dubey, CEO, Power Global’s India Subsidiary, said, “Despite the significant benefits lithium-ion batteries have over incumbent energy sources like internal combustion engines (ICE) or lead-acid, there are key gaps in the supply chain – namely lifecycle and recycling – that are only now being addressed in the early markets in developed nations. Our goal was to bake

those aspects into our strategy from the beginning so that countries like India, which are now on the path to electrification, have a chance to leapfrog those challenges and advance quickly and more sustainably.”

Ed Wise, Founder & CEO, PositivEnergy, said Power Global’s module is a major step forward, and Redivivus is an important part of the sustainability solution. Once Power Global’s EV and stationary storage battery modules ultimately reach their end-of-life, Redivivus will cost-effectively reclaim up to 92% of materials while recirculating and reprocessing chemical reagents for direct reuse in the recycling process. 

Current lithium-ion battery recycling processes require high-temperature melting-and-extraction or single-use chemical processes, generating a significant waste stream.

Redivivus’ novel no-burn, hybrid process, Redi-Cycle technology, recovers battery materials for secondary markets, reducing the reliance on metal mining. In addition, Redivivus will offer mobile Redi-Shred recycling units for Power Global service and sales centres throughout India and build recycling lines at Power Global’s factories in Pasadena, California, and Greater Noida, India, the company added.

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