Pratt & Whitney Launches AI-based Aircraft Engine Inspection Tool

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20 Jun 2023
01:11 PM
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Percept uses a cloud-based interface that allows users to capture images and videos of aircraft engines on their mobile devices and receive real-time responses on parts availability.

Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney, an RTX business, has launched Percept – an advanced AI-based aircraft engine analysis tool at the Paris Airshow 2023. The Percept solution will be deployed exclusively on its commercial engines, including the GTF and the V2500.

Instead of having an inspector examine an engine and check it part by part, the tool automates the process, reducing the time taken for inspection by nearly 90%, eventually enabling faster and cost-efficient turnaround of leased engine assets. The computer vision product operates on the Awiros Video Intelligence Operating System (OS). 

O Sung Kwon, Vice President, Customer Support, Pratt & Whitney, said, 'We have been working with Awiros, an Indian Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up, for the past few years to mature this technology; we are excited to be shifting from technology development to now bringing an operational product to the market.” The tool would help reduce the time and effort involved in pre-and-post-lease analysis of aircraft engines, he added. 

Vikram Gupta, Founder and CEO, Awiros, said building the Percept tool in collaboration with RTX was one of the most exciting opportunities in the company’s journey as a start-up. “We are proud that Percept's high-fidelity scanning of Pratt & Whitney engines with handheld mobile phones, without any specialised hardware, is being commercially deployed in the aerospace industry,” he said.  

'As the fastest growing aviation industry and world's emerging start-up capital, India has become a hotbed for agile aerospace innovation,' said Ashmita Sethi, President & Country Head, India, Pratt & Whitney. 

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