PURE EV Unveils X Platform 2.0 Limited Edition Variants For ePluto Series

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07 Feb 2024
12:54 PM
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These exclusive variants are available for a limited time on a first-come, first-serve basis. Bookings open on February 1st at its dealerships.


PURE EV has announced the launch of X Platform 2.0 limited-edition variants for its ePluto 7G, PRO, and MAX models, aiming to provide improved speed, increased mileage, and an enhanced user experience.

Building upon the existing X Platform, the limited-edition Variants boast 12 features that set benchmarks in the electric scooter industry. A notable feature is the redefined speed numbers, particularly in ecoMode, where riders can now experience speeds up to 58 kmph across all three variants. According to the company, this surpasses industry standards and eliminates the need for frequent mode switching during urban commuting, providing a seamless experience. The limited-edition variants also introduce a revamped Sports mode, contributing to an overall increase in speed to 72 kmph.

Apart from increased speeds, PURE EV emphasises meticulous performance optimisation to ensure that the enhanced speeds do not compromise mileage/charge numbers.

Rohit Vadera, CEO, PURE EV, highlighted the achievement resulting from rigorous research and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric scooters. He believes that the ecoMode enhancements will elevate user experience while maintaining impressive mileage, catering to the needs of urban commuters.

The foray into X Platform 2.0 limited-edition variants positions PURE EV to set new benchmarks in the electric scooter market. By combining speed enhancements with a commitment to user needs, the company aims to contribute significantly to the evolution of the electric mobility industry.

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