Raptee Energy Rolls Out First Electric Motorcycle From Chennai Plant

Mobility Outlook Bureau
18 Apr 2024
04:30 PM
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As part of its strategy to strengthen its market presence, the brand is set to open its first experiential store at the Chennai facility.

Raptee Energy Rolls Out First Electric Motorcycle From Chennai Plant mobility outlook

Raptee Energy has officially rolled out its first production-ready electric motorcycle from its manufacturing plant. The rollout event was not just a celebration of Raptee’s achievements but also an affirmation of its readiness for the imminent commercial launch scheduled within this quarter. The initial batch of motorcycles will undergo rigorous testing phases, including ARAI certification and on-road safety evaluations, ensuring that the bikes meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

The new store will serve as a sales point and provide customers with an immersive brand experience. Consumers will have the opportunity to tour the manufacturing site and witness the assembly process first-hand, enhancing transparency and trust in the product. Raptee motorcycles are equipped with a suite of patented technologies, including a high-voltage drivetrain and seamless charging capabilities compatible with existing CCS2 infrastructure. Additionally, the release mentions that the bikes feature advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to enhance rider safety.

The company’s Chennai plant, boasting a production capacity of 100,000 units annually, is ready to cater to the increasing demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions in India. This scale of production underscores Raptee’s ambition to play a significant role in the global shift towards sustainable mobility.

Dinesh Arjun, CEO & Co-founder of Raptee Energy, expressed his excitement about the milestone, stating, “For over four years, we have been meticulously crafting electric motorcycles that aim to upgrade the consumer experience from traditional internal combustion engines to cleaner, more efficient alternatives. Today, we are proud to unveil our first production-ready model which embodies our commitment to innovation, safety, and sustainability.”

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