Schaeffler India Joins Buddy4Study For Fellowship Programme

Mobility Outlook Bureau
11 Aug 2023
10:00 AM
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The initiative aims to recognise and reward visionary individuals who are developing unique and impactful solutions that can make a positive difference to society at scale.


Schaeffler India has launched India Social Innovator Fellowship Programme in collaboration with the Buddy4Study foundation to recognise and reward visionary individuals who are developing unique and impactful solutions that can make a positive difference to society at scale. The programme is open to individuals, groups, institutions, and for-profit and non-profit organisations across the country. 

The programme invites applicants between the age of 18 to 35 years to submit their innovative projects, addressing critical challenges in areas such as environment sustainability, natural resource management, renewable energy, carbon neutrality, circular economy, and application of technology in the social sector, including robotics and drones.

Applicants can apply for the programme from August 10, 2023, until September 10, 2023, by completing the online application form and submitting the required documents. 

The selection process will involve multiple stages, including reviews, telephonic interviews, virtual interviews with the Schaeffler India team, and a project pitch presentation to a jury panel and leaders.

The fellowship grants, each worth INR1 lakh, will be awarded to ten exceptional projects that demonstrate a clear target market or audience, address specific needs or opportunities, have the potential to scale and positively impact people, are economical and sustainable, and possess commercial viability. Applicants must present a functioning prototype and describe their work through a video that can be uploaded on the programme's website.

The selected fellows will receive fellowship grants and a unique 24-week hybrid mentorship opportunity at the prestigious Centre for Innovation Incubation & Entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad. This mentorship will help the winners further develop and scale their solutions and access Schaeffler India's extensive network and partners. Additionally, they will become part of a vibrant community of like-minded peers, fostering collaboration and collective growth.

Harsha Kadam, Managing Director and CEO of Schaeffler India, noted that while Schaeffler believes that innovation and development are crucial drivers of growth, the company recognises that equitable innovation is the key to fostering inclusive growth.

“As we observe technology-driven disruptions promoting growth and holistic development all around us, we are fully aware of their significance,” he added.

Santanu Ghoshal, Vice President, HR and Head of Sustainability, Schaeffler India, noted that the primary aim is to harness and support the pioneering spirit of young and passionate innovators across India. This programme offers a remarkable opportunity for talented individuals to improve social and ecological issues through innovative solutions.

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